The GTA Group: experience, professionalism and passion

The GTA Group: experience, professionalism and passion

Interview with Marianna Giupponi (owner)

“The food sector requires to respect the balance between high quality raw materials and a constant capacity for innovation. These elements allow us to stand out and satisfy our customers in the best possible way, “says Marianna Giupponi who, with her husband Fausto Tasca, leads the family business.

“The GTA Group has been present for 40 years on the raw materials and equipment market for the bakery, pastry, ice cream, restaurant and pizzeria sectors, alongside artisans who want to emerge, looking at innovation and new trends in a market in progressive evolution”.

“We have an efficient network of agents who regularly visit our customers, while a team of young tele sellers contacts them, informing them of news, proposing products, offers and collecting orders”.

What has changed since the beginning?

“The project has grown over the years starting from small laboratory equipment to customized packaging, thus becoming a complete reference reality in the province of Bergamo.

In the 2000s a generational change took place that involved me personally. Today I am responsible with my husband for the company I represent, supported by the help of my family and very good collaborators”

Who do you contact?

“The GTA Group is aimed at artisans and professionals who transform the raw material into a finished product aimed at the final consumer, delivering products, equipment and working methods into their hands, to spread the love for a winning product that embodies all the charm of the Italian tradition”

How was the GTA Academy born?

“The collaboration of the GTA Group with teachers of Bakery, Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate, has made it possible to create an exchange between the professionalism of masters and world champions with professionals who have the ambition to perfect, improve, learn and acquire new techniques of processing.

Hence GtaAcademy was born, an ideal space for demonstrations, meetings and courses with practical applications, elegantly furnished and equipped, followed by professional technicians who guide and assist the participants in the creation of recipes in step with trends, allowing them to compare and learn the new techniques”.

What are the GTA projects in place?

“The consolidation of what has been built up to now, improving professionalism, research, attention to innovation and communication on social networks with attention also to European countries, with which we are already collaborating, which represent an ideal business expansion “.

“The expansion of the GTA eCommerce platform already active with numerous of the 6,000 products offered by the Group during the year, for both professionals and amateurs”.

“Today the GTA Group is the owner of the Brands: CREMES Notes of taste for, ice cream and pastry products, CRUSH NUTS for dried fruit, CANDIED QUEEN for candied fruit and candied seeds, THE DELIGHTS OF MARGOT for jams and jams and DOUGH MASTER for bakery products”.


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