Kaer manufactures and distributes exhaust hoods

Kaer manufactures and distributes exhaust hoods

Since its creation, Kaer has seen a constant development both in terms of sales and expansion on the national market and above all European and international market, and thanks to the more than 18,000 square meters of space it offers its customers a completely “Made in Italy” product made through cutting-edge technological machinery, managing to guarantee the quality that has always distinguished it.

Strategically located in the Pavese in Lombardy and close to the motorway gates, the company is divided into two distinct production spaces of which 8,000 square meters of production and storage and 10,000 square meters intended for loading goods. Recently we did a complete restyling of the offices to give a strong signal of reliability and constancy on the markets.

The equipment, also definable as the beating heart of the company, consists of 2 LASER cutting machines with automatic warehouse, high-speed PANELING MACHINE with automatic loading of parts and several BENDING MACHINES with folding up to 4 meters.

Kaer manufactures and distributes exhaust hoods, industrial ventilation items and stainless steel furniture for the catering equipment market. Thanks to a timely and systematic verification of the raw materials used and rigorous controls at every stage of processing, it is able to guarantee a wide range of high-level products.

In the hood line it stands out on the market for the series of induction and infusion hoods completely TIG-welded complete with light box to ensure easy cleaning, LED lights and in the most innovative detail, the adjustable input blade.

Another novelty is the introduction of very high efficiency control units that thanks to the series of electrostatic cell filters, ozonizer and ionizer, are able to break down odors, oils, fumes and bacteria with 99% effectiveness and air downgrading from EHA4 to EHA2.

In the furniture sector, Kaer, in addition to the extensive standard production, is able to provide a tailor-made design service or on the specific request of customers.

Kaer’s prestige is based on fundamental pillars such as:

QUICK ORDER FULFILLMENT: The overall optimization of the workflow allows to guarantee certain delivery times.

• FLEXIBILITY IN PROPOSING TAILOR-MADE PRODUCTS: Every customer request is processed and studied in order to offer the tailor-made solution

COMPETITIVE PRICES: The technology applied to production makes it possible to maintain competitive prices while meeting a high quality standard

 • ACCESSORIES AND SPARE PARTS ALWAYS AVAILABLE: Always the guarantee of being able to find the spare part available in the immediate future Competent and dynamic, it employs technical and commercial staff with a long experience in the sector in order to ensure a service that is always targeted, fast and punctual.

In addition, it has combined normal production with a service of design, construction and assembly of complete suction systems, aimed at meeting the widest range of objectives that the current market presents.

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