Made in Italy: sustainable agriculture since 1892

Made in Italy: sustainable agriculture since 1892

Rago Group is an Italian fresh food producer company specialized in producing, processing and distributing of baby leaves, both as a co-packer and as a private label.

Since 1892 Rago Group has begun to cultivate in own lands situated in the beautiful area of Piana del Sele, the green heart of Campania Region in southern Italy. Nowadays the company is led by the fourth generation: Mr. Antonio, Mr. Mariano and Mr. Rosario.

Its partner portfolio includes several big players of FMCG and retailers as well as distributors and wholesalers. Today Rago Group can ensure a widespread distribution of the products in compliance with the terms set-in all-over Europe and Middle Est.

From Italy With Love

Rago Group is the true example of made in Italy that is appreciated and chosen beyond national borders. The secret of this successful story is to look to the future and to the new technologies using old and strong methods that has been handed down from one generation to another.

One of strongest part is the soil where we grow all our baby leaves. The Piana del Sele is located in one of the most incredible and special eco-systems thanks to its strategic position between Amalfi and Cilento coasts. Surrounded by the Picentini and Alburni mountains and on the other side caresses from Tyrrhenian Sea. The cultivation and processing of Baby Leaf, for twelve months a year, is the company’s flagship.

The Rago’s Baby leaves are grown and produced in over 270 hectares of fields in full respect of the environment and only with the electric machines. These results are possible thanks to the six company’s structures, to the production area where products are transformed and processed and to the efforts of over 230 employers.

All the products of the Rago Group are controlled by a specialized team of agronomists and food technologists, to bring only guaranteed and certified foods to the shelves and to the tables.

Our production chains

The harvest process is completely automated and allows to reduce the time from field to acceptance point. In this way Rago Group can guarantee a longer shelf life and better product quality.

When the product is accepted, documents are drawn up which form an identity card for the product. The intent is to make product traceability simpler and more effective. The entire production process is computerized thanks to the use of mobile systems, smartphones or tablets, and the reading of the QR-CODE.

In the Packhouse features an innovative product drying and cooling system. Six optical sorters are used for the detection of foreign bodies. Throughout the journey, the product is kept at a constant temperature to guarantee the maintenance of the cold chain, thanks also to the presence of the Vacuum Cooling and storage with a rapid temperature reducer.

Our products are guaranteed from the numerous certifications such as Global Gap, BRC, IFS Food, Tesco Nurture, GRASP, BIO e COC that are the proof of excellent and high quality of the products and of the entire manufacturing process.

A green future

A serious attention to environmental sustainability is one of the key elements in Rago’s corporate values. Rago group’s challenge is a totally innovation-oriented approach. Investments in green energy have increased for almost 10 years, indeed today all processes work with energy from renewable sources.

Many innovations have been implemented such as electric machines, solar panels, optical sorters, removal of bacterial charge using ozone and water sterilized with UV probe.

To compensate the C02 production has been created a green park of 15 thousand square meters, also useful to preserve biodiversity.

One of the latest projects is the Vertical Farm, one of the first Italian verting farming. Thanks to this innovative system Rago Group can have several benefits such as: water saving, removal of chemical products and a strong reduction soil use.

The aim is to make the entire production process environmentally sustainable, through constant and continuous investments with the goal of an enlightened capitalization of resources, from water to land to solar energy. Working to create a sustainable process to achieve one of the European climate fundamentals, zero environmental impact within 2050.

Then Rago Group carries on its ancient traditions as well as the latest technologies innovation as declared from the company’s motto that accompanies all activities since 1892 “we are the same as we always have been yet…we still keep pace with the times!”

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