X-Oven, the charcoal ovens built for chefs

X-Oven, the charcoal ovens built for chefs

It was 2014 when X-Oven, the first professional charcoal oven with lateral grill drawers, entered the international market. Since then nothing has been the same: the X-Oven revolution closed the era of the old front door ovens, replacing them with a range of cooking tools based on safety, flexibility and high-level creativity.

Designed for medium-high level professional kitchens, X-Oven is the only charcoal oven that has single or multiple lateral grill drawers arranged at different heights.

This innovation patented worldwide once and for all solves the safety problems of traditional charcoal ovens such as escaping smoke and heat, particles of charcoal, sparks, and bursts of flame. The chef opens the grill drawers with one finger, checks the cooking and works with the food without ever coming into direct contact with the heat source.

Operational efficiency and low heat dissipation also considerably reduce charcoal consumption, 80% less than a standard brazier and 50% less than the competitors. The igniter is also carefully designed.

X-Oven uses recycled material like corncobs that are disposable in organic waste.

On top of being natural, corncobs are odorless and avoid the risk of unpleasant smells that can contaminate the food in the cooking chamber.

Safety, performance, and sustainability fall into line to contribute towards meeting the most important goal of restaurateurs: the quality of their dishes and their convenience of execution. The possibility to work on different drawers with different temperatures indeed favors creative experimentation all-around this type of cooking.

A compact and functional design (less than one square meter of occupied space) and the possibility to choose the opening side of the grill drawers to complete the mixture of unique characteristics of the machine.

All these features are also found in the latest innovation of the X-Oven range: the Burger Machine. The X-Oven Burger Machine is a charcoal oven with a built-in fry top designed to meet the needs of the multitude of restaurant formats that have emerged in recent years, which place the gourmet hamburger at the center of their proposal.


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