SpidoCook designs, develops and manufactures products for the professional cooking

SpidoCook designs, develops and manufactures products for the professional cooking

Technology, design and performance come together in the continuous search for professional solutions for the world of modern catering, able to satisfy its constantly evolving needs.

Since 1993 our cooking systems have satisfied thousands of operators and professionals in their daily demand for quality professional solutions.

Today, with sales and deliveries in over 60 countries worldwide, SpidoCook is a truly global partner for all operators that are looking for quality professional cooking solutions.

The SpidocookTM products, 100% Made in Italy , are designed to make your daily work extremely simple and safe. Reliability, technology, ergonomics, compact dimensions are just some of the peculiarities of SpidocookTM products. The unique, modern and essential design is easily integrated into any environment.


The new glass-ceramic SPIDOFLAT tm griddles cook meat, fish and vegetables homogeneously. The flavours remain intact even if different foods are grilled in sequence. They are certainly safe in use and easy to clean, giving obvious benefits in terms of energy savings and increased productivity

The SPIDOGLASS TM glass-ceramic grills are perfect for fast food restaurants and can be a valuable tool in the kitchen. The glass ceramic contact grills can cook many products from sandwiches and focaccia to grilled meat or vegetables, providing excellent results.

The CALDOLUX TM Cook & Hold is a static oven for Low Temp Cooking (max 120°C) and Hold (max 100°C), with full cycle up to max 10+10 hrs. CALDOLUXTM use allows maximum return on investment, thanks to greater yield, energy efficiency, reduced labour and intelligent use of space.

The CALDOBAKE TM compact electric ovens for Pastry and Bakery are designed to meet the most ambitious quality and business challenges. There is no room for error in professional food service, and the CALDOBAKE ovens provide uniform baking without compromise and perfect texture and structure of the baked products.


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