X-Oven and the meat selection of ristorante “Il Castello”

X-Oven and the meat selection of ristorante “Il Castello”

“The meats we offer in the restaurant are selected from the best in the world for flavour, juiciness, tenderness and consistency. The meats include Italian “Carima”, American Angus “Nebraska Beef” and Polish “Mazura”, that guarantee an experience even to the most demanding gourmands. This selection is our distinctive element, it’s part of the identity of the restaurant. We have chosen grilling as our cooking method and have decided to use a premium charcoal oven with unique characteristics, the X-Oven.

The person speaking is Davide Tanzi, manager of Ristorante ‘Il Castello’, historic location of Castelvetro, a hamlet of medieval origin just a few kilometers from Modena. Davide knows meats: management of the restaurant was entrusted to him by the Cremonini family, owners of Gruppo Cremonini, private company and European leader in the production of beef and meat-based products, number 1 in Italy in the sale and distribution of food products to food services, leader of restaurant services in train stations, airports and highway-based restaurants.

“The Group owns farms in many countries and this allows the restaurant to distinguish itself in the range of origins and cuts of meats. We have a true meat menu with three types of rib steaks from 1.2 kg, ribeye, Tomahawk, fillet and picanha,” Tanzi explains. “Between lunch and dinner we do an average of 150 meals per day, and experience shows us that at least three out of five dining guests order meat.”

All of the meats are cooked in the X-Oven.3, charcoal oven with a patented lateral grill drawer system. “The first time that I encountered an X-Oven I was amazed by its capacity to give aroma to the meat,” Tanzi recalls. “A 1.2 kg rib steak cooked correctly on a grill plate requires at least 14/15 minutes; with the X-Oven it’s ready in 9 minutes. In the oven’s closed chamber the temperature can reach 400 degrees with maximum cooking heat uniformity; flavours and aromas are maintained within the meat making it extraordinarily tasty. Now that we use it in the kitchen every day, I can only confirm that the X-Oven truly gives us something extra in the final result.”

Tanzi relies on his previous experience as a chef – not long ago since Davide is just 34 years old – when he says that he also appreciates its convenience, security and functionality. “With the vertical development of the X-Oven cooking chamber, it is a very well designed oven. The drawers near the charcoal concentrate the cooking methods that require intense heat; the third drawer, farther from the fire, cooks vegetables as well as cheeks and stews. Which, by the way, are a different thing when cooked on the fire”. And he dedicates a last though to the flexibility of the X-Oven: “We mainly use it for meat, but it doesn’t cook only meats or cuts with bones. It’s an oven that can be used at 360 degrees”.

Designed for professional kitchens, the X-Oven is the only charcoal oven with grill drawers that can be opened laterally. This innovation, patented worldwide, once and for all solves the problem of safety of the charcoal ovens: the chef can open the grilling drawers with one finger, control the cooking and work on the food without ever coming into direct contact with the heat source.

To safety, performance and sustainability – operational efficiency and low heat dissipation allow a 70% reduction of charcoal consumption compared with a standard brazier – X-Oven also adds great quality in the cooking of the dishes and comfort of execution. A compact and functional design (less than a square metre of space) and the possibility to choose the opening side of the grill drawers complete the unique characteristics of a machine that always finds a perfect spot in the best cooking lines.


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