The enjoyment of making tasty things

The enjoyment of making tasty things

Uniquely flavoured cheeses, made in the heart of the Po Valley through the know-how of master cheesemakers, and handed down over almost a century of history, thanks to the goodness of the milk and strictly monitored raw materials.

Hard cheeses, in particular, are our passion: ancient recipes are skilfully combined with new taste trends to create magical flavours. Original and distinctive products that impress and captivate even the most refined and discriminating of palates.

Sovrano with buffalo milk

Sovrano is our signature cheese, with a unique recipe, taste, and name. For this reason, we have patented it and only we at the Antica Latteria di Crema can produce and market it. A guarantee of quality and protection for everyone: for both the seller and for those who wish to savour it. Our Sovrano will always be unique and inimitable.

Sovrano with buffalo milk and vegetarian rennet

Matured hard cheese made from cow’s milk mixed with buffalo milk with a hard white rind, made with vegetarian rennet obtained from microbial fermentation. It has a straw colour, with a full, delicate flavour and aroma. Certified minimum maturation period of 16 months.

Granamore with premium Italian milk

Matured hard cheese with a hard rind, made from high-quality Italian milk. It has a finely grained structure with a flaky texture, a white to pale straw colour, and a well-balanced aroma.

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP ORGANIC from mountain milk

Matured compact or grained hard cheese, made from organic cow’s milk from animals reared in the Emilian mountains without the use of antibiotics. An impeccable cheese which respects nature, ourselves and our future. Certified minimum maturation period for a 12 month PDO cheese.

Delizie di formaggio in oil

Cubes of PDO Quartirolo Lombardo cheese in sunflower oil, in its natural state. 180g jars.


There is no better way to understand how good our cheese is than tasting it! It is only through this taste experience that you can fully appreciate its quality.

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