Tiziana Industria Noleggio Tessile was born in 1983

Tiziana Industria Noleggio Tessile was born in 1983


Company (Industria): we are a team of 35 people and we have been offering laundry service (washing and renting of linen) in the Triveneto area in Italy for more than 38 years.

Renting (Noleggio): not only do we buy the linen in the first place, we also guarantee the washing, repairing/ replacement, management, pick-up and delivery services.

Linen (Biancheria): we take great care in choosing the textiles and we provide specific assistance to our clients with the aim of enhancing the characteristics of their place, their staff and their companies.

Sanitized (sanificata): we have the ISO 9001 certification for the management system and the quality and we comply with the UNI EN 14065:2016 standard related to the certification of the bio contamination control.


• becoming an industrial laundry which offers the washing and renting service to different sectors such as hospitality, industrial and wellness.

• satisfying our clients predicting their needs of clean items keeping up with new technologies and fashion.

• standing out for our strong link and action in our area.

We aim to these goals placing at the center of our action the respect of the environment and the bond with people (our staff, partners, and clients).


Our action is all about continually improving:

• the service to clients by selecting the items on rent according to the latest trends in collaboration with our partners.

• the respect of the environment where we live and operate with the optimal use of the resources (water, energy, chemical equilibrium, textile, time, technology) and by promoting the re-use of textiles through renting.

• the team building by periodically sharing our company goals with the staff and making them aware of the important role that every – one plays in our team; the human factor is the key feature that characterizes the services sector.

• The daily work of our employees thanks to the Kaizen method and its standardization of the production processes and the linen.


Production process and system

• Our latest-generation industrial equipment can use the right amount of water according to the weight of the linen ensuring zero waste.

• We focus on a continued research and development of our products and production processes to optimize the resistance of our textiles and guarantee their longest usability.

• We strive for production efficiency with the daily tracking and reduction of the energy consumptions. • We buy textile and linen only in Italy to value the made in Italy.

• We employ minimal packaging to reduce the use of plastic to the maximum.

Environmental impact

• We use detergents made with natural soap in order to reduce the releasing of chemicals in the environment.

• In 2015 we installed a carbon filter for PFAS (plastic substances) in order to purify water in respect of the law and the environment.

• We reuse end-of-life products for other purposes.

Our way of being green

• We promote the philosophy of zero-waste and reusable textile among our clients, employees, partners and providers.

• We encourage recycling in our factory.

• We provided our employees with reusable water bottles which can be filled up at the water dispensers in our factory saving up to 19.000 plastic bottles per year.

Why we believe in reusable textile linen:

• It is a fully natural material

• It has a lower environmental impact

• It guarantees the multiple use of the product (up to 175 washing cycles per textile item)

• 300 kg fewer waste, 220.000 kg fewer, 300.000 kg of unused raw material

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