Our Flours: timeless passion

Bertolo’s family is active in the flour market since 1742. This is the reason why THEY achieved a unique and centuries-old experience in such a sector, affirming the name Bertolo for almost three centuries in the market of Flours. Each generation has enhanced the trade secrets and recipes handed down from father to son with new technology and a vision and will to bring prosperity to what is more a family heritage than a business. A heritage that is now ready to become once again a sound base for a future that is still able to unite tradition and innovation.

Over the years, Molino Bertolo has increasingly focused on “made in Italy”, producing flours with Italian grains. Among our main lines, we find:

  • The “Fruttarine”: a project born from a simple idea, to combine flour, a fundamental element in many doughs, with the natural and genuine flavor of fruit. These are flours made with real high-quality fruit that offer the opportunity to create various taste combinations.
  • Linea Agricola: the Agricultural Line of Molino Bertolo stems from the desire to create natural flour using crops from local farmers. This is project places local farmers as the main protagonists because of their passionate relationship with the land, cultivating and nurturing grains from seed to harvest to provide raw materials (pf) the highest quality typical of genuine Italian products. The result is a range of type 1 and 2 soft wheat flours that are more rustic than industrially produced traditional white flours, thanks to the presence of bran and wheat germ, providing exceptional nutritional value and organoleptic characteristics.

An important novelty of 2024 is the 12,5 format: a new format dedicated to pizza makers, bakers, and pastry chefs. Characterized by a smaller weight, it makes the work of professionals easier. Molino Bertolo strives to stay up to date, growing year by year.

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