FACEM S.p.A. – Tre Spade

FACEM S.p.A. – Tre Spade

To each one their own dehydrator

Tre Spade presents Atacama, a new breakthrough in dehydrating, made exclusively in Italy

Atacama is the name of the latest addition to the great Tre Spade family of products for haute cuisine: it’s a new-concept dehydrator, manufactured 100% in Italy.

The historic Italian Tre Spade brand, the brainchild of the four Bertoldo brothers, was set up back in 1894 and it has capitalised on the quality, skill, research and development capacity it has gained over more than a century, to create a really innovative product, suitable for everyone.

Efficient and easy to use, the Atacama dehydrator enables fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and many other foods to be preserved easily, while guaranteeing results that are always full of flavour and last over time.

Atacama means dehydration Tre Spade-style. It is an original design, with Italian quality and great practical application for the natural dehydration of all kinds of food, from the most traditional to whatever your creativity might suggest. For both cooking professionals and the new lovers of food, the dehydrator offers a whole set of solutions, all with characteristics of excellence, compactness, solidity and the special horizontal air-flow system ensuring that drying is always uniform and effective.

Atacama Pro and Atacama Pro Deluxe are the two versions dedicated to professionals.

And they’re not just for dehydrating: you can also create lots of dishes with them, from meringues to energy bars, meat dishes and vegetable stock. Atacama is very useful in professional kitchens, as it’s the only tool that can perform genuine dehydration on foods. A traditional oven, in fact, is meant for cooking but not for drying. In restaurants, ovens are often wrongly used for dehydrating when there is no real, dedicated equipment available: this impacts on energy consumption and restricts the use of the oven. With Atacama these problems are avoided, since the kitchen now has a modern appliance for dehydrating food, thus freeing up the oven for other processes of actual cooking.

The air in the dehydrator flows in parallel to the trays, reproducing the action of the wind, and the air passes uniformly over all the compartments to ensure that the result is uniform, too. Temperature, air-flow speed and time are central to a successful high-quality drying process, and Atacama is the only dehydrator that enables you to control all these variables easily and precisely, thus guaranteeing unparalleled dehydration performance.

Atacama is very easy to use, thanks to a highly intuitive control panel and to interchangeable accessories: it has non-stick food-grade Teflon sheets, allowing the dehydration of foods containing a lot of liquid and also preventing small food particles from falling through the gaps in the trays.

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