Since 1964 we are setting the standard for excellence and innovation

Since 1964 we are setting the standard for excellence and innovation

Pastorfrigor is a group that has been operating worldwide for many years, with strong growth both in the acquisition of new market shares and in excellence and expertise in the sector.

It was born from the forward-looking idea of Bruno Pastorello, the father of the current President Mr. Franco and grandfather of the CEO, Clara Pastorello, who in 1964, now 58 years ago, decided to diversify his catalogue of products for sale from shelving for shops to distribution of refrigerated counters.

An idea that proves to be so successful that since 1966 Pastorfrigor manages to become an absolute reference brand in Italy and abroad and this means that at the beginning of the 80s of the last century, it was necessary to expand the plant to 5,000 square meters of San Giorgio Monferrato, then moved in 1997 to Terruggia the current headquarter of the Company and of the Group, where the new production structure was built which, with subsequent expansions, now reaches a total covered area of over 17,000 m2 to which it can be added the 5,000 m2 of Pannelli Isolanti in S. Giorgio Monferrato and the 19,000 m2 of the Pastorkalt production site in Slovakia.

The product catalogue is wide and diversified, this allows to Pastorfrigor to offer its products to important supermarket chains of large-scale distribution, to shop fitter’s concessionaires, to installers and contractors and also to small retailers. The enterprising team of sales staff, led by José Antonio Leal Guzman, for exports, and by Pierangelo Alemani for Italy, with solid weapons and consolidated preparation faces the market successfully.

Pastorfrigor models are a perfect combination of style and functionality and are often also the result of customization, where the customer needs to add accessories or customized finishes.

In recent years, Pastorfrigor group has acquired a strong ecological awareness and special attention to sustainability, committing itself to seeking new and cutting-edge solutions in the development of new products, guaranteeing technological innovation as well as compliance with regulations and standards relating to the use of refrigerant gases with low impact on global warming.

This has allowed the group to become a guide and a reference in the refrigeration sector.

These days we hear more and more talk of an ecological transaction that aims to favour the transition from a system based on polluting energy sources to a virtuous model centred on green sources, a crucial theme for the future of our planet.

Pastorfrigor is ready to guarantee valid products together with a complete consultancy and technical expertise service that supports its customers in the choice and evaluation of products to obtain valid performance, elegant and modern product display, as well as optimized consumption: how important it is to save energy electricity is the constant concern of all customers and with Pastorfrigor you can.

In the last year, Pastorfrigor has carried forward the development of the “Genova Overview Doors” range which is the first and the only one in the vertical commercial display sector to achieve consumption in energy class A, the best.

This large-volume exhibitor, for fresh products and pre-packaged meat, in various versions, finishes and sizes, is the flagship of the company which always aims at the top of efficiency, technology and design.

The technical department of the Terruggia headquarter, with the study and research centre in Iasi in Romania and with the technicians of the laboratory carried out the tests to guarantee the performance of this innovative wall display and compliant with the most recent regulations imposed by the European Commission.

Pastorfrigor is proud of this important result which gives it a tool to demonstrate that the products perform better than their competitors.

The performances have been validated by the TUV certifying office, which has even detected lower consumption than those declared in the product data sheet.

The three production units of the group are: the parent company in Terruggia, in the centre of our marvellous hills, where there is a 17,000 m2 plant with a large showroom.

The production site of the Pannelli Isolanti, and Pastorkalt a.s. located in Slovakia. The production of the three units is diversified: in Terruggia both service display units, than murals and islands at positive temperature or for frozen foods for supermarkets.

In San Giorgio, on the other hand, cold rooms are produced for the widest use, above all for the storage of fresh goods in supermarkets, hypermarkets, and even smaller shops.

In Nove Zamky, production completes and integrates the group’s range, with islands for displaying frozen products, display cabinets with built-in unit and wall cabinets with different dimensions and specifications from those produced in Italy.

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