Finally released the “Quantum”

Finally released the “Quantum”


You don’t know what a water dispenser looks like and you don’t care as long as you keep it under the counter. But what would you choose if it wasn’t? …One that doesn’t ruins the design of your restaurant and occupies as little space as possible.

While most restaurants take care to not leave the water dispenser in sight because of its un – attractive design, those who have Quantum can display it as a piece of furniture.

While most restaurants run out of counter space if they install a water dispenser, those with Quantum have total freedom of movement and do not have to sacrifice valuable space. (it is only 32cm wide)

While most restaurants install water dispensers that look old after a short time, those with Quantum make the choice once, without having to replace the dispenser due to signs of wear and tear.

While most restaurants bring sparkling water on tap that loses its bubbles before it even reaches the table, those with Quantum can literally serve the ‘champagne’ of sparkling water, which does not lose its bubbles and maintains a unique perlage.

A few words about Polo Tesi, inventor of Quantum and founder of Onnwater


I have always disagreed with those who produce water dispensers for restaurants without taking care of appearance such as size, design, hygiene, durability.

That’s why, after 30 years of designing professional water dispensers, I asked myself; what if I was the first to create a water dispenser that first of all, eliminate any technical anomalies that common systems on the market today have, and then presents itself as a product with a true Made in Italy design?

Here are the ‘Quantum’ patents that make angry even the most famous water dispenser brands.

As you might have expected, Quantum helps restaurants eliminate any discomfort that common commercial water dispensers constantly present.

First of all, with Quantum you don’t risk serving your guests water contaminated by bacteria.

Many water dispensers generate bacteria inside, and they end up in the bottles you fill up, the cause is the standard fittings. Quantum is the only one equipped with the exclusive ANTI-GERMI® fittings that, with their patented shape, prevent the proliferation of bacteria inside the dispenser, letting you sleep peacefully.

Another amazing fact is the KARBONY® patent in fact, Quantum is the first water dispenser with which you can dispense the only sparkling water that doesn’t lose its bubbles before you even get to the table, if you think about it, that’s as important as serving a dish that doesn’t get cold before you even get to the table.

Its Intelligent Filling System® totally frees your thoughts as you fill your bottles, Quantum recognises the capacity of the bottle and fills it automatically up to the neck without overflowing, meaning you can get done more important tasks in the meantime

Quantum doesn’t stop working just when your restaurant is full, and its reliability pays for itself in less than 1 year of use. I know you might be sceptical about the display… but why should you trust Quantum’s display? Because it’s waterproof, it’s vandal-proof Gorilla Glass®, it works even with wet hands, it lasts longer than classic buttons and it’s easier to use than the smartphone in your pocket.

If thousands of restaurants are already using Quantum, happily placing it on the counter without sacrificing space, and just as happily understanding the extreme ease of use… don’t you think it’s worth learning more about such an unusual water dispenser, especially when asking for information involves no commitment and no cost?

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