Industrie Celtex

Industrie Celtex

Interview with Roberto Tosca, Sales Director of Industrie Celtex

Open dialogue with Roberto Tosca, Sales Director of Industrie Celtex, who reveals the secrets of the disposable table set.

In the hills of Montecarlo in Lucca, Roberto Tosca responds to our curiosity about furnishing trends in the Ho.Re.Ca segment.

“Inspiring Restaurant concepts by designing mise en place that define new styles. A search carried out around the table, which from simple furnishing becomes the principal element in harmony with the furnishings of the room. ” Roberto Tosca introduces us to how his ideas and decorations for tablecloths, napkins, cutlery bags and placemats are born. Infibra Division of Industrie Celtex is the market leader in disposable tablecloths in Italy, a position confirmed by the high quality of the products and the excellent service.

“”Restaurateurs and catering operators are strongly linked and this is stimulating us to create practical solutions to meet the increasingly attentive clientele of ecological and trendy needs.”

It is a real teamwork effort that characterizes Industrie Celtex Family, a polyhedric company, a synthesis of knowledge, experience and innovation in tissue, non-woven fabric and dispensing systems for the professional market. Differentiated brands to meet all segments with specific solutions for all Ho.Re.Ca work environments. Integrated production processes from the raw material selection, to the paper mill and finally to the converting throughout Europe.

Andrea Bernacchi, president and CEO of Industrie Celtex: “Every product for the table, industrial cleaning and bathroom area is the result of careful research and analysis of the needs expressed, whether explicit or  not. A workshop of ideas, a combination of workers and technological innovations, to anticipate the clientele needs. ”

Roberto Tosca’s conversation:

In a context where meals are constantly growing away from home, we see the epochal passage from the pleasure of “dining out” occasionally and by choice, to the need to eat fast and close to the workplace. The catering offer is adapted to the new trend, offering new catering proposals.  What about the single use of the table set?

The evolution in the catering sector is for the whole world to see. Respecting the traditional restaurant setting, we have developed various offers for fast food, from the café to the trendy fusion food, from the fixed price menu to “All you can eat”. The establishment’s mise en place now communicates the offer’s identities. Paraphrasing an old saying:” I see how you set the table…and I’ll tell you what you are”.

Infibra’s single-use is no longer the economic alternative of fabric, but a versatile and hygienic way to keep up with new trends and revisiting the Bon Ton of the table. The choice of more consistent papers and materials, more efficient decorations and production, personnel and workers have allowed the disposable fibre tablecloth to reach the decorative level of traditional fabric, keeping its advantages. The Trend line is the most fitting example of this important innovation.

Decorated Napkins in pure absorbent cellulose, coordinated with 100% recyclable, water repellent and spunbonded tablecloths, are the most practical and hygienic solution to set the table with style.

The bonding of pure cellulose and recyclable spunbond combines brilliantly decorative harmony and respect for the environment. This is why we have added the texture decoration to Bouquet, Traccia, Linea and Bistro, and will be presented at Verona Exhibition.

Let’s focus on the widest range of fast restaurants with a low-cost gastronomic offer. What would you recommend to them to transform during the course of the day from “Cappuccino and Croissant” to “first and second”?

In addition to the decorative features, it is essential to evaluate a product even under the packaging appearance. The simple way in which a product is “put into use” by the operator is an indication of the  manufacturer’s investment in its design.

Let me give you an example: a bar that you have to quickly transform from breakfast to lunch until the restaurant must consider the limited spaces available. Infibra Collection 2017 proposes targeted solutions where even the seize of the product in use is designed to combine with daily operational dynamics.

Easy One system is a solution of dispensing placemats and napkins appreciated on the market. It allows you to have at your fingertips everything for fast dispensing of a self-service, and allows a significant reduction of  waste.

What are the challenges the industry will face in the coming years?

For the catering industry the quality of service will be a critical factor of major success.

It is decisive to count on a dynamic and wide variety of Made in Italy solutions, designed in the field, to take into account both the needs of the operator and the end user.

This concept ranges from the choice of the restaurant to the food & beverage to the non-food. The product quality and efficiency of the distribution chain are the leading pillars of the sector.

The attention and valorisation for the territory, the eco-sustainable logistic development, and the creation of new jobs in Italy is the vision of Industrie Celtex.

The success of an initiative is the result, not the goal.

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