A new era for snacks and puffed cakes thanks to the Bake Italy presses

A new era for snacks and puffed cakes thanks to the Bake Italy presses

BAKE ITALY presented at SIGEP 2023 its presses producing in just a few seconds a tasty alternative to bread and much more.

With this press it is possible to play with the new trend of puffed cakes and cereal snacks by creating, diversifying, customizing new products. Thanks to its versatility the BAKE ITALY press is a useful assistant for the inspiration of chefs, ice cream producers, pastry chefs and bakers as it allows them to widen their culinary offer by creating new dishes or surprisingly decorating shapes that enhance a main course, an ice cream or a dessert.

As a matter of fact the BAKE ITALY press– allows to make a significant customization of the puffed cake that can become either an alternative to bread, or a decorative feature or a main ingredient, because it is versatile, tasty and healthy.

With BAKE ITALY it is possible to create products using many cereal mixes or using only a single one cereal, thus satisfying any taste or health need. Even the shape can change because you can choose among over 9 different types of presses to obtain different shapes: big or medium round, small round with or without ridges, heart shaped, triangular, square or rectangular in different sizes. Each press has its own shape.

With the puffed cakes produced by this cutting edge technology, in addition to the various pairing of cereals that the food professionals can work out, you are getting a delicious product different from the industrial offer, because it is fresh and fragrant and can be produced daily in a few minutes for the joy of your clients.

How long does it take to make the cereal puffed cakes? After the time needed to moisten the cereals in drinking water -to reach the right humidity- you can directly proceed to the production with the press that will only take a few minutes.

Why is it considered a healthy food? Because you only use natural ingredients directly from nature. Because the type and the quality of the cereals is chosen by the food professionals; because they can be freshly done on a daily basis; because BAKE ITALY press only uses heat and pressure to transform the cereals into puffed cakes and non-fried snacks.

The BAKE ITALY press is the smart assistant behind the curtains of every food professional; in-fact while it can produce a great quantity of cakes its design is solid and compact (cm 65x51x148h), it is easy to move and put in the most convenient place thanks to its 4 wheels, it works with a simple electric connection at 220V and it is easy to maintain.

The mould as well as all the parts which come into contact with food are food contact suitable as per Reg. 1935/2004 CE (MOCA COMPLIANCE).

BAKE ITALY follows the new trends of the food/catering industry and it belongs to an historical brand, Re Pietro Srl an Italian company that exports its products worldwide and that has been contributing with professionalism and experience to the development of machines and plants for the agri-food industry always in the name of cutting-edge and efficiency, with 90 years of experience behind it.

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