Typical Sicilian pastry. Cassate, cassatine, cannoli.

Typical Sicilian pastry. Cassate, cassatine, cannoli.

Active in the market since 1997, “Mylae Dulcis” prides itself on the many years of experience of its owner, a connoisseur of the generous flavors of Sicily and its wonderful archipelagos, and its highly qualified staff.  

With a keen eye for tradition and the artisanal care of Sicilian pastry, but never without a touch of wise originality, “Pasticceria Mylae Dulcis” translates the bright colors of the islands into taste: the intense blue of the sea, the fiery red of the volcanoes, the glossy black of obsidian, and the dazzling white of pumice.  

Born in Milan as a typical Sicilian pastry shop, with its superior quality production it has attracted the attention of some buyers from a renowned Italian largescale retail chain. 

Thus, from humble beginnings, the acquisition of important customers such as Esselunga Spa, Lizzi Srl, Milanopane Srl, Sant’Agostino Srl, Caterline Spa, etc. Regarding the products, made according to the original recipes of Sicilian pastry masters, we carefully select the freshness and genuineness of the ingredients, including fresh ricotta, finely sifted almond flour, and fragrant Pan di Spagna.  

An expanding organization that relies on increasingly cutting-edge technologies allows us to fulfill every order. 

In case of necessity and if it is convenient, we are ready to establish foreign branches in a reasonably short time.  

All at competitive prices, which include artisanal operations, selected raw materials, and commercial reliability.

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