Trafile Turconi: pasta dies since 1995

Trafile Turconi: pasta dies since 1995

Turconi, beyond the standard

Paolo and Mauro Turconi Turconi established Trafile Turconi in 1995, combining the experience acquired in years of working in the sector to produce their own pasta dies and inserts. Since then, the company has become a point of reference throughout the world for machinery manufacturers, dealers and end users (pasta factories and food processing factories) that put quality at the heart of their business. To maintain the highest level of quality, the company has sustained balanced growth: indeed, our size means we can offer the highest level of customization for each project. This is also thanks to a team of passionate, well trained and well nformed professionals who make it possible for us to achieve our mission of excellence and precision.

Turconi team works hard every day to improve standards and meet the needs of clients in a well organized, safe and efficient workshop.

Innovation is an everyday challenge.

Technological innovation is a constant process at Trafile Turconi, where design and expertise are considered of prime importance. Use of the latest generation machinery and purposely designed equipment enables us to continue to offer technologically advanced products.

Quality that starts with control Quality is Turconi’s goal.

The entire production chain is constantly controlled, from the procurement of raw materials through to the creation of a reliable, high quality product, ensuring visual and dimensional tests are performed at every stage in the process.

Prompt and reliable service

We believe that even high quality products can lose value if they are not supported by reliable customer service. That is why we plan our work schedule very carefully to ensure we are always able to deliver on time and offer a prompt and reliable service.

Penne dies

The penne dies (smooth or ridged macaroni with an angled cut), historically produced only as dry pasta, has become quite popular as a fresh pasta product in recent years. It has, therefore, become necessary to adapt the vertical extrusion system typically used in dry pasta production to the horizontal extrusion method normally used in the fresh pasta industry. This need requires that various options be available, from the traditional cone die cutting system used exclusively in vertical extrusion to the direct cut method which can be used in both vertical and horizontal extrusion. Trafile Turconi can suggest the ideal solution according to the type of extruder being used as well as to the type of penne format desired. In addition, dies with air breathers and guide pins are also available.

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