The new “Fonte Lonera Staro” bottle with its Seventies design is reserved for the HoReCa sector.

The new “Fonte Lonera Staro” bottle with its Seventies design is reserved for the HoReCa sector.

Pure water, ideal for restaurants.

Fonte Margherita’s first new product of the year targets the reopening of HoReCa.

From its beautiful location immersed in the Piccole Dolomiti (Little Dolomites), the Venetian company is looking ahead to the coming months in which Italians will return to socializing in bars and restaurants once pandemic restrictions are eased.

One of the product innovations Fonte Margherita is introducing for the HoReCa sector is the glass bottle for its new and original “Fonte Lonera Staro” mineral water.

This mineral water is excellent for restaurants and cooking, and to accompany any meal thanks to its discreet and neutral character. Its source is located at 1240 metres (4068 ft.) above sea level, high in the heart of the uncontaminated Piccole Dolomiti.

It is bottled at the company’s innovative Fonte Regina Staro plant, founded in 1904 and which was reopened two years ago following significant technological modernization works.

The new glass bottle has a Seventies design with knurled beams of light in relief that provide a safer and more comfortable grip. The label’s style is also reminiscent of the Seventies, although with a modern key. Two sizes are available, 75 cl and 50 cl, reserved for the Italian and international HoReCa sector. A 100 cl line is available for home deliveries in the Triveneto region.

Fonte Margherita has always looked to the future and worked on product innovations. The new “Fonte Lonera Staro” glass bottle offers restaurant and café operators a new way to distinguish themselves in terms of quality and originality.

Fonte Margherita is a historical Venetian company with three plants, five historical Piccole Dolomiti mineral water brands (Fonte Margherita, Fonte Regina Staro, Acqua Azzurra, Fonte Lonera Staro and Fonte Alba) and two lines of soft drinks. It operates both in Italy and abroad, primarily in the café, bar, restaurant and club sector, but its beverages are also available at certain modern retail chains, in vending machines and for home delivery.

The company is attentive to the design of its glass-only bottles, most of which are returnable, but also in eco-friendly bricks. Its values include promoting a healthy lifestyle, environmental and social sustainability (it designed a “HoReCa Support Campaign” to mark its 175thanniversary last year, providing its partners with the equivalent of €175,000 in free products to assist them in the post-lockdown reopening period) and solidarity through its support of Città della Speranza, a non-profit foundation for pediatric scientific research.

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