Sound absorbing wood wool panels

Sound absorbing wood wool panels

It happens very often that the buzz, chatter or rumble which is common in dining rooms makes it difficult to communicate with our guests or staff.

Taking care of the acoustic aspect within these environments becomes essential to ensuring customers an environment that immediately puts them at ease.

Bars, restaurants, halls and conference rooms as well as wellness centers and swimming pools can present high levels of crowding where conversation is difficult or impossible.

Thanks to its particular surface texture, the wood wool panels of the ACOUSTIC | DESIGN by CELENIT act as natural acoustic absorbers and ensure that noise is not merely reflected, but partly absorbed and dissipated, avoiding the annoying phenomenon of excessive reverberation.

They can be installed both in continuity as false ceilings or wall coverings or as punctual elements, baffles or rafts, easily integrated in redevelopment projects. It is possible to customize design solutions too: combinations of different colors and formats, combination of thicknesses, textures, patterns, offering a complete interior design solution.

The research activity, and the desire to identify ever greater solutions and performance, has geared CELENIT in obtaining a vast portfolio of sound absorption certificates available to the designer so that the any solutions – false ceilings or coatings – are all properly applied.

Choosing to use CELENIT wood wool solutions as a false ceiling or coverings in environments such as bars, restaurants and hotels, allows the designers to obtain excellent acoustic comfort with environmentally friendly materials which are certified in class A+ for indoor air quality, while guaranteeing maximum safety, fire protection and a design that can be adapted to the needs of each individual project.

CELENIT has made sustainability its mission and with its products and systems has always been at the forefront in proposing solutions that can respond positively to the sustainability requirements of the ITACA, LEED and BREEAM certification systems and above all to CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) recently introduced in the GPP Green Public Procurement of Italian Public Administrations.

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