The GTA online group: tradition in the opportunity of the ecommerce

The GTA online group: tradition in the opportunity of the ecommerce

The  GTA  Group, located in the heart of the province of Bergamo, has been present for 40 years on the market for the trading of raw materials and equipment for the bakery, pastry, ice cream, restaurant and pizzeria sectors. Always attentive and respectful of tradition, he has never stopped looking at innovation and new trends in a constantly evolving food market that requires respecting the balance between high quality raw materials and the constant capacity for renewal, allowing stand out and satisfy customers in the best possible way.

The Coronavirus emergency has pushed the GTA Group to transform this crisis into an opportunity, deciding to give a boost to the ongoing renewal process and therefore to open its own “virtual shop” for the sale of the approximately 6000 products that it already offers daily through its showroom or through agents who visit customers, focusing attention on the brands and proprietary brands, thus offering a complete, diversified and versatile assortment.

The GTA Group is the owner of the brands CREMES Notes of taste for ice cream and pastry products, NUT CRUSH for dried fruit, CANDIED REGINA for candied fruit and MARGOT DELIGHTS for jams and marmalades. Having an online store has allowed the GTA Group to open an additional sales channel and thus reach a wider audience.

Certainly online sales will continue to increase exponentially, so selling online means being ready and prepared for the near future, communicating quickly with your customers, making them aware of products, offers and special initiatives, even if probably a part of customers will prefer. still go to the physical store, especially in a sector such as food, where a direct relationship is important.

Online and offline shopping are therefore  different but complementary experiences, with different functions that integrate. For this reason, in addition to online sales, a Call Center and Live-Chat service has been set up, and where possible, a support of our technicians at the customer’s laboratories for the best use of the products purchased.

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