The Story of Bergamo excellence

The Story of Bergamo excellence

FAS Pendezza Srl was founded in 1964 in Villa d’Ogna, in Val Seriana, from the idea of the brothers  Alfonso  and  Davide  Pendezza,  that begun to produce game tables for adults and children, made with high quality materials and with the know-how of the north Italy carpentry tradition.

This is how FAS Pendezza branded table foot- ball, ping pong and billiards were born and then recognized as Italian artisan excellences both at national and international level.

In  recent  years,  after  more  than half  a  century  of  activity,  the company  has  decided  to  renew its  brand  to  achieve  new  target market by commissioning the art direction and the design of new products to Basaglia Rota Nodari design studio.

The new table football, billiard and table tennis are designed to have the same performance as the professional  ones  but  with  a  different,  more  domestic  and  contemporary  aesthetic,  in  order  to be able to enter new market segments, especially in the home and contract sectors.

“Ciclope” is the football table characterized by an iconic central leg in  turned  iron  sheet.  Made  with materials resistant to atmospheric agents, it is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. “Capri” is the special  edition  of  this  table  football inspired  by  the  summer  holiday cars of the 1950s called “spiaggine”. With  its  light  blue  structure, the light wood inserts and the printed wicker  game  surface, it is a tribute to Naples and its love for table football and for the sea.

“Cubista” is the billiard that transforms into an elegant table through a system of cover tops that can be stored in a special retractable container, a feature that allows you to place this table in your home or office without necessarily having a dedicated room.

“Spider” is the ping pong table that turns into a convivial table and can be dismantled with a few gestures thanks to the technical hooks hidden under the playing surface to be easily stored. Ideal for home use and  for  the office  environment, Spider perfectly combines  leisure and functionality.

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