Is the reliable partner for your creations

Is the reliable partner for your creations

Ecolifeprojects  Srl  is  specialized  in  the  physical treatment, without chemicals, of indoor air, drinking and recreational water and in the reuse of black and greywater. From the analysis of the problem to the best result, Ecolifeprojects Srl is the reliable partner for your realizations.

Whirlpools,  SPA,  Swimming and recreational pools

Water  disinfection  with  chlorine  is  not  able  to eliminate  the  presence  of  chlorine-resistant  microorganisms.  This  method,  due  to  chloramines, caused by the binding of organic substances introduced by bathers with chlorine, develops toxic and harmful substances that cause red eyes, irritated skin, rhinitis and respiratory failure. Hot tubs have  additional  problems  because  of  the  high aerosol they produce. UV, in aid of chlorine, absolutely disinfects the water and breaks down toxicities, eliminating the in- convenience of chlorine and allowing for important management economies.

Electronic limestone removal

Limescale causes damages to the water supply, some- times even disrupting the flow of water. It also reduces the efficiency of heat exchanges, which increases energy costs. Electronic descalers prevent the formation of new limescale and remove all existing limescale. They do not use salt, do not modify systems and do not require maintenance. The original quality of water, with essential minerals, remains unchanged. The elimination of limescale and biofilm contributes to the prevention of Legionella. UV  disinfection  of  indoor  air

In closed environments the risk of contagion among people, due to viruses and bacteria, is very high. The continuous disinfection of indoor air with UV-C lamps reduces  the  risk  of  microbiological  contamination among people, killing up to 99.999% of any species of harmful microorganisms. The validity of UV in indoor environments has been known for decades and has been proven to reduce the bacterial load, in treated environments, even better than 80%.

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