Areta, for over 30 years a leader in the market of 100% Made in Italy indoor/outdoor technopoly – mer furniture, has always stood out for the func – tionality, durability, and versatility of its products, consistently offering clients the ultimate comfort and design with which to stylishly furnish any type of environment.  

Over the years, our company has experienced tremendous growth and expansion, and today we are proud to offer our clients an even wider range of products. Our catalogue now includes the Design, Rattan, and Garden collections. We believe in offering only the best products, which is why we carefully select the materials we use, making sure they withstand the test of time and remain in excellent condition for years to come.  

Areta’s daily commitment to environmental sustainability goes beyond the products it produces, implementing concrete and responsible practices that also reduce CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere and combat air pollution. This includes the adoption of new low-impact mobility solutions and the installation of solar panels, resulting in an 80,000 kg reduction in carbon dioxide emissions annually.  

This year, we are once again excited to present our latest products at the most important trade fairs in the world, such as the Salone del Mobile at Rho Fiera Milano and Spoga in Cologne. Our latest additions include the new Sirio table, made with high-quality materials that guarantee strength and durability.  

The table features polypropylene legs and a high-pressure laminate (HPL) top for a sturdy and stable surface. It is perfect for any indoor or outdoor environment, such as an office, patio, or commercial space. Another new addition is our modular partition, which makes it easy to customise and reconfigure any space as needed. Made of high-quality polypropylene that can withstand wear and tear, another notable advantage of the partition is its versatility, with a wide range of available colours and customizable heights.  

Our presence at various trade fairs is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase the features of all our products and innovations, and to share them with the world, confident in exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our product are 100% recyclable and manufactured entirely within Italy using an innovative gas-assisted injection moulding process. They are also tested by the most renowned European and Italian research institutes in the furniture sector, in compliance with European regulations.  

Our high product quality standards begin with the use of carefully selected raw materials and the meticulous work of highly skilled and specialised workers who guarantee outstanding production results. 


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