The Italian brand Mikah successfully debuts at Foodex Japan 2023

The Italian brand Mikah successfully debuts at Foodex Japan 2023

The Italian coffee brand Mikah has recently been present at Foodex Japan 2023, one of the major gastronomic events of Japan, held at Tokyo during the first half of March. The presence of the Italian coffee brand at Foodex has been highly appreciated by the Japanese guests throughout this acclaimed expo, as they had the chance to taste an Italian coffee of the highest quality.  

The brand Mikah is greatly focused on the high standards of its main ingredients in fact they choose only the best green coffee beans coming from the most reputable origins. The choice of each single origin and the care put into the production processes are the heart and foundation of Mikah’s coffee philosophy. 

Notably, Mikah adopts a slow-paced coffee roasting method to intensify the aroma and flavour of coffee beans. Such roasting methodology makes it possible to achieve a perfectly balanced and fragrant beverage, without altering its natural taste. 

Over the course of Foodex Japan 2023, the Japanese people have much appreciated the different extraction techniques of coffee and the diverse typologies of specialty coffee such as the pour-over, ear hanging and the ever-popular espresso coffee. Mikah had the chance to present to the Japanese public these brewing techniques in detail, showing how coffee can be a unique experience tailored to each person’s palate.  

The importance of made in Italy food products has always been highly regarded in Japan, where Italian products are synonymous with high quality. Mikah’s coffee has proved to be the confirmation of the rule, enjoying great success among Japanese coffee lovers at the exhibition.  

Mikah’s coffee has been so widely enjoyed in Japan that the first orders have already arrived. A big success for the Italian brand, which has once again shown to be able to seduce the most challenging palates of Japanese consumers.  

In short, the presence of the Italian coffee brand Mikah at Foodex Japan 2023 has proved once again the importance of quality in raw materials and care during the coffee processing cycle. In this way, the success achieved is further proof of the high standards adopted to produce Mikah’s coffee and its potential in the international market. 

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