PETITE LUMIERE: Betting on sociality to overcome the pandemic

PETITE LUMIERE: Betting on sociality to overcome the pandemic

PETITE LUMIERE: an interesting and innovative proposal that makes the Petite Lumiere a valid place not only for a dinner, but also simply for a glass of wine accompanied by a delicacy by the chef. Cheers!”

Opening a restaurant is never easy. Especially in a city with a high concentration of food and drink activities like Pisa. Doing it in a historical phase characterized by a global pandemic that only now begins to loosen its grip, and that for almost two years has imposed continuous limitations, especially to those activities that are based on sociality, is even less.

This is why the bet attempted by the group of young people at Petite Lumiere in Pisa is particularly interesting

The place, which was born in the hive of Lumiere, the best known and most important live club in the city, is small and cozy, and overlooks one of the most beautiful and picturesque lungarni of Pisa, in front of Palazzo Blu, with the Cittadella’s Castle in the background.

Its interior has the tones and characteristics of a modern New York restaurant, but it is with the proposal that the restaurant tries to define its identity: a refined but informal cuisine, attentive to new trends but also popular, aimed at those who approach the kitchen with at least a little curiosity.

Raw materials of the territory, fresh and unusual cocktails and a peculiar wine list complete the picture.

The peculiarity of the oenological proposal is that the choice of products is not based on the cold catalog of some wine wholesaler, but on a network of wineries spread all over Italy, with which the restaurant has started a direct and constant relationship, which sees the producers present not only on the menu, but as real partners: ranging from the great whites of the north proposed by Borgo Veritas or Vosca Vini, to the sparkling wines of Prosecco Riccardo; from the interesting products of the Sicilian winery Ferragù to those of the very Tuscan Il Ponte, Fontemorsi, Tenuta del Buonamico (just a few kilometers from the restaurant!) to the Casorzo winery of Piedmont, and finally some French wineries, Château Haut-Guiraud and Cave de Ribeauville


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