Perfect mechanism

Perfect mechanism

A successful accommodation facility is a perfect mechanism, meaning everything works in harmony with- out the guests perceiving the enormous amount of work necessary behind the scenes to ensure maximum  results.  

This  is  precisely  how the Hegematic has maintained, for 50  years,  a  reference  partner  for the most prestigious Italian hospitality buildings. Founded in 1970, the South Tyrolean family-run company Hegematic currently collaborates with more than 10,000 accommodations facility, restaurants and hotels all over Italy. Its area of collaboration ranges from back-office activities in the kitchens to the halls.

This includes but is not limited to the supply of auxiliary ma- chines to the service such as ovens, dishwashers and coffee machines, table top ware and buffet items. A true testament to the company’s core business. In  2020  Hegematic  celebrates  its 50th anniversary, holding true to its long history of professionalism and ability to anticipate trends. An attitude towards innovation that has always   characterized   its   activity. During the year of 1974 the company was the first to launch automatic towels to dry hands (Air King) on the national market.

Following  this,  in  1976  the  company brought the first automatic shoe cleaner to Italian hotels. This innovative attitude has led the company to success over the years and in 2005 allowed the turnover its handling to the second  generation  of  the  Frasnelli family.

To ensure  its  customers  the  highest quality, Hegematic prides itself on synergic collaborations with international companies, authorising it to be an official and only distributor for all of Italy. Historical partners include companies such as WMF, a German brand specialising in the production of kitchen appliances, cutlery, dishes and glasses.

This  relationship  began  in  1990  with the distribution of the first WMF Professional Coffee Machines throughout Trentino Alto Adige and has continued with success until 2015. During this monumental year Hegematic acquired the national mandate for the WMF Professional Coffee Machines and  has  continued  in  this  manner thus far.

The  spearhead  of  Hegematic’s  activity,  in  addition  to  the  distribution of  equipment  and  the  efficient  assistance  service,  is  the  department, founded  in  1979,  dedicated  to  the design of professional kitchens area. The company today has an internal design office that develops solutions and important fittings for hotel kitchens and buffets.

Depending on the needs of the location, it also relies on specialised professional figures who are outsourced.

Each project is studied and tailored in a way that meets each of the client’s needs. This is done by a series of collaborative  meetings  that  lead  to drafting, discussion and finally the execution of the work. Once the work is  completed,  Hegematic  takes  care of verifying its success with particular attention to the finishes, details and all the features outlined in the draft.

To deliver added value to the work Hegematic completes, specifically to the attention to WMF Professional Coffee Machines, it provides training  and  that  of  assistance  to  the machines it installs. The training begins with a technical course dedicated to distributors that the company follows step by step from the first installation at the hotel facility.

Once  the  machine  has  been  in- stalled,   the   Hegematic’s   technical team and the local dealer set the parameters in accordance with the maître. This ensures that all personnel  caring  out  the  routine  operations and cleaning are trained with ad   hoc   training.   

The purchased equipment  itself  is also subject to regular maintenance by Hegematic technicians with related repairs, re- placement and the supply of spare parts.

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