On the table Lauretana: the excellence is served

On the table Lauretana: the excellence is served

The success of a business depends on the quality of the service and the products offered. Taking care of the customer also means imagining his lifestyle and creating a product or providing a service that can meet his requirements. Even better if it can amaze him.

Lauretana has always been focusing on people’s wellbeing, in everyday life, but on special occasions as well. It has got different packagings to satisfy all customers’ requirements, since the consumer takes care of his hydration at home, in the office, during a workout or when he tastes a delicious dinner in a hotel or restaurant of excellence, both in Italy and all over the world. On these special occasions, Lauretana amazes the consumer with the bottle signed by Pininfarina, dedicated to the HoReCa sector in the glass packagings from 750 ml and 330 ml.

The design of the shapes and the material concretely expresses and translates the lightness of Lauretana water.

Antonio Pola, CEO of Lauretana, describes the water with these words: “A dining table is like a stage where the bottle can become the protagonist: if it is sumptuous it is eye catching, it arouses curiosity and it is easily recognizable.”

Choosing the purity of Lauretana water for its customers means to offer a unique experience for the palate. Chosen by the best Chefs, as well as by the families, Lauretana is the perfect water to combine any dish because it respects its fullness, without altering its taste. The lightest water in Europe, with its unique characteristics, has got a fixed residue of only 14 mg/l that provides many benefits for the people who drink it, including favoring the digestion. It is a natural product, 100% made in Italy, without heavy metals, poisons, and anthropic contaminants since it springs in an unpolluted territory at more than 1000 meters above sea level, a protected environment, without any industrial and agricultural settlement, and it flows deeply in an ancient granite bed which protects it from any contamination. The unique features of Lauretana and the light shapes of the Pininfarina bottle dress up the tables of the best restaurants: the excellence is served!

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