Holistic vision and well-being for the hospitality of the future

Holistic vision and well-being for the hospitality of the future

Wide participation at Hospitality Digital Space, the special edition of Hospitality-Il Salone dell’Accoglienza, the leading Italian trade fair for the hospitality and catering industry.

Over the four days from 1 to 4 of February, the platform dedicated  to  the professionals  of  the  Ho.Re.Ca. sector recorded over 100,000 views and 3,000 registered operators, thanks to an unprecedented format and a broad range of specialist content.

Registration on Hospitality Digital Space will remain open until 30th November, with the opportunity of enjoying the content on demand. The over 120 testimonials and opinion leaders from the hospitality industry taking turns to appear in the two virtual rooms – Live Space and Academy Lab, delving into the latest issues regarding food & beverage, design and technology, to re-adapt their business models to the needs of a new normal, not only different but better.

What emerged form this special edition  was  that  the  people  will be the focus of the hospitality of the future, both as a professional operator who must know how to deal with the market, and as a customer, at the core of a concept of well-being that touches sustainability, hospitality and territory. Alongside the contents, particular attention was paid to companies with the Expo  Area,  where  virtual  shop  windows  provided  networking between exhibitors and visitors to generate business opportunities.

The  Future  Trends  channel  offered  businesses  to  present  themselves and  their products and services related to the world of hospitality. Technological evolution and the acceleration of digitalisation, a new way to use spaces and a new consumer: the combination of these forces will bring about a new mindset towards a holistic vision of the tourist offer connecting together the territory style, guest care and food culture, favouring of a close relationship between physical space and well-being.

The 46th edition of Hospitality – the Ho.Re. Ca. trade fair is set for 31st January to 3rd February 2022 in Riva del Garda.

www.hospitalityriva.it @HospitalityRiva

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