The pool realized for Josef Mountain Resort

The pool realized for Josef Mountain Resort

The pool realized for Josef  Mountain Resort has won the Italian Pool Award as Commercial Outdoor best pool. This self-supporting structure offers its guests wellness and relax. An elegant tub, made with an innovative technology, above the terrace of the resort.

To be able to stop everything, to take the right time and don’t be in a hurry. To feel the power of nature with all your senses. At the Josef Mountain Resort, you can acquire a new vitality, fully preserving this energy even at the end  of  the  holiday.  Here  saunas, the water world, wellness treatments,  and the  garden landscape create a harmony that is found only in the liberty of nature.  An  important step of this process is entrusted to the swimming pool located on the second floor terrace, made with the Klimapool Floating technology of Preformati Italia: the pool, which houses 9 hydromassage stations, a bed and a bench made of steel and air system, allows the Resort’s guests to truly enjoy the water, resting, and recharging.

Preformati  Italia  has  consolidated a specific production process to reach an high level of flexibility and quality.

It all starts with the designer’s ideas: A concept that is rationalised and takes the shape of a project; The design  department is responsible for engineering  of  the  project. From the project to precision cutting: once the  final  drawings  are  approved,  CNC  machines are set for cutting or, more precisely, initial  “machining”  of  the  blocks  of  EPS.  

The human factor is the focal point and the reason why our products impress. Our craftsmen carry out piece-by-piece machining to turn every little detail into an individual masterpiece through quality and accuracy.

Fitting of the systems:

This phase involves the manufacture and levelling of the systems in the structure. This  approach  offers  many  benefits like shorter installation time and, there- fore, lower installation costs, while facilitating assembly on site.


Glass fibre and a special cement-based mix are used during the manual  levelling  process  to  give  our products a very long life.

Quality control:

every product is care- fully checked by our skilled technicians.


Handling at the construction site, sometimes as high as the fifth floor or above, is made easier by the type of lightweight material that we use, which does not have any significant impact on the supporting frame- work of the building.

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