A factory drawing its lifeblood by an important historical roots

A factory drawing its lifeblood by an important historical roots

THE COMPANY Year of Foundation: 1966 A  factory  drawing  its  lifeblood  by  an  important historical roots Saturnia, Italian Porcelain factory, is mainly specialized in the manufacture of products addressd to HO.RE.CA.  

Market sector, and it represents one of the main European realities in that sector; it has a perfect industrial mosaic which allows it to diversify  production, adapting  itself  to  the market  needs, and occupying relevant  space in the target market area.

Success is grown over time, thanks to the  enthusiasm and the management team’s attitude but also thanks to unceasing technological innovations and untiring attention dedicated to the technical and aesthetic aspects of the products.

Years of close and fruitful cooperation, complete range of products, punctual service, accurate planning, and continuous renewal of shapes and decorations, they are only a part of ingredients that make up our powerful recipe for success that renews the wonderful relationship between Saturnia and largest Italian and international trade groups over time.

For each collection Saturnia proposes an item range designed to satisfy of the tabletware both in modern and traditional key. Besides the classic place setting, representing the first approach in the art of feasting, there are a lot of coordination products, useful for their own function and able to confer a note of stylistic  preciousness on the all over the world best restaurants table. Due to our collections sobriety, some  figures can be used in diverse settings too, not creating any discrepancies to the core service.

Our tableware porcelains  are  washing machine safe, they can be used in microwaves and they are produced in accordance with European rules concerning Food Contact, a severe protocol adopted for our customers protection imposing specific parameters for all food contact materials. All our decorations are underglaze, a peculiarity which allows to make permanent chromatisms applied on our dishes. www.saturnia.net

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