From traditional to contemporary grilling

From traditional to contemporary grilling

We can certainly define grilling as a traditional cooking method – perhaps the most traditional, considering that it’s the first form of cooking used by man.

Are there crossover points between that ancient cooking method and its contemporary counterpart? Of course there are, as long as they are open to new stimuli and able to choose the most innovative equipment.

The visibility that grilling enjoys today is due to a profound and current reason that goes beyond fashion and crazes, that evokes the fundamental characteristics of contemporary cuisine: quality raw materials, experience and emotion Three key words that are easily connected to a grilling oven with an innovative approach, like the X-Oven 3, with its patented removable grilling drawer system. Three words that explain how grilling has returned to popularity in a demanding and evolved sector like haute cuisine.

The possibility of utilizing three different drawers with different temperatures and heat intensities at the same time, allowing a level of flexibility and control unique for this type of oven, is a tremendous stimulus for creative experimentation.  

It means  being  able, among other things, to choose the best temperature and cooking speed. Cooking in a closed chamber also preserves the organoleptic properties of the foods, reducing the loss of natural juices and minerals to a minimum.

This means offering chefs another way to highlight the quality of the ingredients and their authentic flavor, opening infinite possibilities for experimentation and promoting creativity and innovation.

X-Oven 3 combines all of the elements that give this grilling oven its unique and distinctive placement as a link between traditional grilling and fine dining.

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