Eggly: patisserie and art together in milan

Eggly: patisserie and art together in milan

In Milan, in 13, Wagner Square, just a short distance from the new CityLife area, both adults and children are drawn to the shop windows of Antico Prestino Cattaneo, the historic bakery and patisserie. And the reason for this is Eggly cookies, which can be customized, entirely made of sweet shortcrust pastry, handmade and decorated. Eggly, a trademark registered on 6 February 2018, is the logo of these creations, and is represented by a cute little yellow egg with paintbrush and palette. Eggs, in fact, are one the of ingredients of sweet shortcrust pastry.

Monica, the Designer pastry maker, is the creator of the little egg character Eggly and explains that “each and every biscuit is developed from a project – a hand-drawn design – and all stages of creation are handmade. Each item is unique”. Her decorations and aesthetics skills give a personal touch to her creations. Different characters and subjects can also be created as per client requests, such as: IT technician, football player, ballet dancer, doctor, graduate, cartoon characters, kittens, motorbikes and cars. The is also a highly original series of famous singers.

Alongside Eggly cookies, the patisserie also makes personalized cakes.

Eggly cookies are really good and are ideal for any occasion. They are, in fact, perfect for breakfast, afternoon snacks and tea, as dessert at the end of a meal, as a little sweet treat with coffee, as a gift for friends, for celebrations, birthdays, graduation parties. They can also become original favours and bonbonniere.

The cookies can be of different sizes, ranging from small and classic, right up to large ones of about 50 cm high. The most recent products is that of cartoon characters of 90 cm long, weighing 3 kilos.

For over 50 years, Antico Prestino Cattaneo has been baking classic bread – with or without yeast, using different types of cereal, and with the addition of other ingredients, but one thing never changes – and that is the goodness and the very high quality of the raw materials used. All production is made by hand every day. Throughout the day you can find  ciabatta, panini, michetta, but also buns, pizzas, savoury pastries and, especially, sweet pastries and cakes.

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