DR. SCHÄR FOODSERVICE Attract new guests with all-round gluten free HoReCa solutions

DR. SCHÄR FOODSERVICE Attract new guests with all-round gluten free HoReCa solutions

Gaining  a  new  target  group  and increasing sales are goals every HoReCa business is aiming for. An important aspect of reaching them is offering an all-round satisfying hospitality, especially including a delicious meal.

However, for a growing number of people, it is difficult to find an adequate selection of meals at the breakfast table, during lunch service or on a dinner menu. This is a particular  dilemma  for  individuals  who suffer from coeliac disease and other gluten-related conditions. As a result, bread, cereals, pastries and pasta are often off-limits when eating out.

As the European market leader with almost 40 years of experience in gluten free food, we have dedicated our Dr. Schär Foodservice solutions to HoReCa. From  breakfast  to  supper,  from  a snack  to  a  multi-course  menu:  

Dr. Schär Foodservice offers gluten free bread and bread substitute, flour and dough, pasta and convenience food as well as desserts and confectionery. A wide range of products is available in convenient single-portion packs to guarantee product safety and freshness.

Examples are our Schär White Bread 80g, two soft pre-cut slices of gluten-free white bread, an ideal addition to any dish or Schär Delishios 37g, crunchy cereal balls with a milk chocolate coating – the perfect in between snack for your guests. Some products as Schär Ciabatta 50g or Schär Hamburger Roll 75g are wrapped in innovative oven-proof foil, that allows a risk- free preparation process without cross contamination, even when prepared beside food containing gluten. And with our 1kg HoReCa pack of Penne or Fusilli pasta every chef succeeds in creating delicious Italian inspired dishes.

Our comprehensive range of gluten free products makes it quick and easy for hotels, restaurants and other businesses to expand their menu offer with gluten free meals that meet dietary requirements and taste preferences of guests suffering from gluten related disorders like coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity. Dr. Schär Foodservice‘s broad range of tasty products,  innovative  serving  solutions  and  professional  support enables every HoReCa business to react quickly to customer requests and meet today’s market requirements, thus securing a competitive advantage. For more information:


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