Craftsmanship and innovation

Craftsmanship and innovation

We have created a line for professionals, where the essence of the raw material is unique, organic, and healthy. The Organic flour “SFOGLIA BIO” of Antico Molino Rosso, has been designed to produce puff pastry, millefoglie, cannoli fans and croissants.

The craftsmanship skilfully carried out by the Mirandola family for three generations of millers is now entrusted to experienced and qualified miller collaborators who preserve the tradition and use modern technologies, especially in the field of food safety.

We ourselves are consumers and we try every day, with simplicity and humility, to improve the quality of our flours, satisfying the needs of our customers, questioning, and trying to respect, as much as possible, the noble work of the farmers who, throughout history, have been important architects of the maintenance of biodiversity.

For us, quality is synonymous of responsibility, such as ensuring a truly healthy product, through precise and strict procedures that also include analysis of the raw material to ensure the total absence of pesticides and chemicals.

In addition, we carry out specific checks on glyphosate, the most used herbicide in the world and the cause of many pathologies. In our company there are 2 laboratories, where the incoming goods are sampled. We also produce gluten-free organic flour in a dedicated plant.

To guarantee the health of our customers, we have a dedicated laboratory where all the flours are analyzed both incoming and outgoing, to verify the presence of gluten below 10 PPM (Parts Per Million), a threshold clearly lower than that provided by law (20 PPM).

The research, the choice of raw materials, the sustainability of the supply chain, the cleaning of plants, the discipline in the application of the system, the passion, the awareness of the difference between good and less good, are the basic principles that Antico Molino Rosso applies every day.

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