Convivial Needs

Convivial Needs

Greater versatility, functional compositions and solutions to expand the space. These are the advantages of the revised one kitchen model by ERNESTOMEDA

The kitchen as a gathering place for family life. This is the outlook of The New One, which offers diversified compositions where various material solutions create various degrees of tactile perception.  

The new model is composed of open equipped units and spacious mono-lithic cabinets, with the bases and backs of the open units in a Walnut effect, a granite worktop with built-in sink, and the possibility of inserting shelves with LED lighting in the open compartments.

The pantry with doors in reflecting smoked glass includes shelves equipped for bottle storage.

For maximum convivial enjoyment, the is-land structure offers a true gathering place for the family, a refined setting also thanks to the appealing colors and elegant finishes, with the Woodset table and the large In Space columns.

 To expand space, the R&D division of Ernestomeda has also created a peninsula with a Snack Twist counter, for a kitchen that communicates with the living area.

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