The dream of beauty

The dream of beauty

The new JUMBO GROUP collections pursue the group’s philosophy “Our Dream Never Stops,” a manifesto of values and intentions, under the sign of beauty.

The stylistic research of Jumbo Group takes the form of a true philosophy, an expressive mood summed up in the slogan “Our Dream Never Stops.”

” With this ‘manifesto’ the group reiterates its values as an essential driver to cope with this unusual year of 2020, taking inspiration from Italian artistic heritage of all ages: the red thread is beauty, which “is in our past, present and future, as a primary ingredient of Jumbo Group’s vision,” says the art director Livio Ballabio.

This vital energy generates new collections for 2020, which in the Jumbo Collection brand form a living room setting triggered precisely by the most refined heritage of craftsmanship.

Elegance and comfort, refinement and materials: a perfect balance of sensory perceptions, seen in the new Tulipe armchair – enveloping, sculptural, with a carved base finished in gold leaf and ample capitonné padding – and in the Lumière complements: both the console and low table versions (respectfully composed of two and three parts) lightly take their place in rooms thanks to the almost aerial base in metal supporting a thin top in frisé maple.


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