Chiaravalli Group S.p.A.

Chiaravalli Group S.p.A.

Chiaravalli Group S.p.A. is a leading company in the production of blades for slicing machines, with state of the art technology and a warehouse with over 250,000 finished parts, in order to satisfy immediately the needs of the customers.

This company is the result of great passion and consistent investment of energies on entrepreneurial projects, for the creation of a wide range of extremely high quality products, 100% made in Italy, able to meet the requirements of a more and more demanding market, in constant evolution.

Chiaravalli Group S.p.A. brings together the great level of know-how of the historic German trademark RASSPE, consistently the most important manufacturer of blades for slicing machines for over a century, and the thirty year experience of their own personnel, together with the advanced technological features of the machines used to complete each production stage.

With the historic trademarks: RASSPE BLADES and KLINGER, Chiaravalli have been able to secure a strong presence in all the world markets.

The winning solution for every cut.
Slicing machines are used to cut an incredible range of products nowadays,  the following optional finishings will always lead you to perfection:
*patented technology:
Thanks to a profile structured on two different levels,  the blade’s surface in contact with the product is reduced to the minimum preventing pointless frictions, infact:
•    avoids the waste that is normal with traditional blades;
•    enables to obtain extremely thin and perfect slices;
•    the flavor of the product is unchanged because the blade does not become hot.

Especially recommended to cut: cheese, boiled meats, soft ham and vegetables.

Particularly suited for bread cutting, but most of all for frozen meat and fish. These blades can be sharpened as normal, using the sharpening tool provided with the slicing machine.

Ensure the blade better sliding properties when in contact with the product, very useful for cheese cutting.

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