Bartoli spa

Bartoli spa is a historical paper mill headquartered in Lucca, since 1894. Over five generations the Company has been increasingly developing and innovating the production of paper and today special cardboards for the industry (covering a wide range of sectors and fields: stationary, gasket, luggage and footwear industries).
The time has come for a new challenge.
Naturanda®, the new line of disposable tableware, plates and containers, was born out of our fundamental commitment to promote environmental sustainability, taking, together with you, a step forward to the future without having to compromise on beauty and practicality. All the Naturanda® products are 100% Made in Italy, safe, eco-friendly and completely recyclable. A compostability certification has been recently applied by the company.
The choice of being susteinable means choosing a better future for our planet.

Our strenghts are:
1.     100% NATURAL RAW MATERIAL: Who knows what’s the Bagasse? Bagasse is the name of the baling sugar cane straw which originates the virgin pulp we use in our process, together with a mix of natural vegetable pulp fibres. All our raw materials are renewable and 100% natural, allowing our tableware and containers to be recyclable and biodegradable, without giving up the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful table set.

2.    PRODUCTION MADE IN ITALY: When dealing with food it is appropriate to take several things into account: who manufactures MOCA is well aware that MOCA is an acronym standing for Materials and Articles in Contact with Food (Materiali e Oggetti a Contatto con Alimenti): knowing the origin and the productive process of these articles can make a huge difference for a correct choice of the product, as it guarantees the compliance to all Italian and European laws. This is the reason why we are proud to say that all our products are 100% Made in Italy: the greater guarantee either for the supply chain or the consumer.

3.    HEALTHY AND SAFE WORKPLACES: Human resources are essential and we strongly believe that for being sustainable it is necessary to respect the value generated by the individuals within our Company. We are daily committed to promote the wellfare and to guarantee and improve health and safety conditions on the workplace. A positive working environment leads to a better productive process and therefore to a higher quality of our products.

4.    LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: 1) selection of raw materials: We select only natural and certified raw materials in order to manufacture recyclable and biodegradable products. 2) stages of production: Reduction in water consumption, thanks to a company water cleaner which allows us to recycle the water and direct them in other production lines inside our company. Reduction in climate-impacting gas emissions (e.g. CO2): we self-produce electric and thermal energy from natural gas. Reduction of waste: we recycle our tableware production scraps as secondary raw materials in other production lines. 3) efficient transport and packaging: Bartoli offers integrated transport and logistics solutions to optimise the space and reduce the packaging. 4) finished product and new product line: Our products, post consumer, can be recyclabled thanks to their highest level of recyclability (A+). Moreover, Naturanda® products are biodegradable while the compostability certification is awaited soon.

5.    SAFETY & HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS: Our products are safe. We perform continuous production controls and intensive raw materials and product testing in order to ensure their suitability and compliance for contact with food. Products are sanitised at high temperatures. Our Company Quality Assurance System, in compliance with Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 and Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006, guarantees quality and safety of all our products to the consumers as well as the supply chain.

6.    RECYCLABLE & BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS: Sustainability is a choice we made with the understanding that the future has its roots in our present actions. For this reason, our products are biodegradable and completely recyclable. The compostability certification is awaited soon. Thanks to the use of vegetable raw materials, our products can be recyclabed postconsumer after their life-cycle, returning to being a precious resource for other uses. Our production has a low environmental footprint, safeguarding the natural resources, the key to achieving a long-term sustainable future for our planet.


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