Warsteiner Italia and IDEA Food & Beverage join forces to support the hotel, restaurant and catering (HORECA) industry and boost recovery in the sector

Warsteiner Italia and IDEA Food & Beverage join forces to support the hotel, restaurant and catering (HORECA) industry and boost recovery in the sector

IDEA Food & Beverage has been brought in by Warsteiner Italia following a wide-ranging open innovation project aimed at effecting targeted, concrete action to support the rebirth of Italy’s HORECA industry after this period of great difficulty.

Following on from Warsteiner’s Open  Innovation project in the last quarter of 2020 and in the first quarter of 2021, IDEA Food & Beverage has joined the group of companies selected by the italian headquarter of the German brewers to provide joint  support  for  Italy’s  HORECA  industry.

IDEA Food & Beverage and Warsteiner are united by solid, clear values: – The need for and commitment to the rebirth of the HORECA  industry; – Support for the entire HORECA supply chain: from beverage wholesalers to the owners/managers of hotels, bars and restaurants – An innovative set of drive  to  store  initiatives; – The creation of a direct line between Italy and Germany to ensure Warsteiner’s direct, concrete commitment. These values materialize in various projects, including the launch of the “Warsteiner Lovers” platform  (www.warsteinerlovers.it), where  enthusiasts can find and see the bars and restaurants where the beers of the Warsteiner group are served.

Each bar/restaurant customer can independently register and create their own profile by entering information such as address, opening hours, beer card menus and contact information. Enthusiasts can access and using the map locate the nearest Warsteiner bar/restaurant and consult its profile.

The initiative is aimed at creating a direct bridge between management and customers to encourage consumption outside the home. Added to this is the launch of a new beer, Warsteiner Brewers  Gold, made exclusively for the HORECA market.

We  are  proud  to  promote  and  share  with Warsteiner the deployment of a range of initiatives that put the Italian HORECA industry at the centre of attention. This has been one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic in our country,” explained Giuseppe Adelardi, CEO of IDEA Food & Beverage. He added: “Providing strategic support by working together and putting customer needs at the heart of our actions is what distinguishes us in the market and is the method we believe to be most effective for achieving the goals we have set.

We will implement our innovative model of public relations and business development through  strategic  actions,  not  following  industry practices but  remaining  dedicated  to  achieving our  intended  results, which in a nutshell is the reason why we were chosen by Warsteiner.”

In these very difficult times, in which the out of home sector is among the most affected by the crisis, Warsteiner Italia is strongly committed to de signing innovative  projects in terms of products and services to support the HORECA industry, with attention to the entire supply chain, investing and looking to the future with confidence,” said Silvia Serpelloni, Brand Manager at Warsteiner Italia. She went on to say that: “We have chosen to collaborate with Idea Food & Beverage because we consider it a strategic partner of value to support our initiatives, promoting and disseminating them.

Warsteiner was founded in 1753 and is today one of the largest private breweries in Germany. Warsteiner  beer  enjoys  international  success:  the  brand is known in over 60 countries around the world. Owned by the Cramer family since 1753, its main factory is in Germany, in the Sauerland area of the Westphalia region. The international strategy of the last 20 years has made the Warsteiner brewery a benchmark in the production of pilsner, in demand all over the world and appreciated for its consistent high quality. Warsteiner Italia is the Italian branch, which has been based in Verona since 1998.

IDEA Food & Beverage is a strategic consulting, business development, marketing, and public relations company based in Milan and Padua, which operates exclusively in the food & beverage sector.

It supervises the creation of innovative and sustainable projects that make a mark and stand out, exploiting a proactive strategy and method, aimed at achieving goals and obsessed with performance.


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