Land And Landscape

Land And Landscape

The  “Scriani” vineyards are in the heart of the area called Valpolicella Classica and the main, privately-owned  ones  are  situated on a gorgeous hill called “Monte S. Urbano”. The land, which is situated at an altitude ranging between 250 and 400 meters above sea level, partially consists of somewhat flat areas, and partially of dry-wall terracing,  and is characterized by a lively torrential stream along its edge, called a “Vaio”.

From the  plateaus  one  admires beautiful  and  enchanting  panoramic views over Valpolicella proper, and from certain points the eye reaches as far as the town of Verona on one side and Lake Garda on the other. Agronomically speaking, the soil is composed of a clay mixture containing  definite  parts of  Eocenic gray  limestone  and  basaltic tufa, which  is  particularly favorable for grapevines intended for the production of very high quality wines.

Area and History The area of production of “Valpolicella Classico” wine is comprised of a belt through the hills covering circa 200 sq. km. to the northwest of the fair town of Verona, Italy, halfway to Lake Garda as the crow flies. Valpolicella has always been famous for its wines, which have been well-known and appreciated ever since the Roman period for their fragrance and personality, and its name makes one think of the various  nuances  of  its  beautiful  hilly landscape, with its soft and sumptuous lines. In the valleys and along the dry-wall terraced hills, one also sees cherry groves and olive trees, but what dominates are the proud vineyards, unmistakably pronouncing their priority, and made even more precious by the scattered characteristic dwellings: old stone farm houses, manor houses, villas belonging to the  nobility, and those austere Romanesque churches that still today testify the depth and finesse of civilization in the area.

The Cellar The wine-cellar sector of the “Scriani” vineyards is also very carefully tended to: experts control all the intricate winemaking phases on a 24-hour basis, according to family tradition which indeed demands finesse and very close attention. The cellar is equipped with different types and sizes of containers: ranging from stainless steel to fiber- glass-lined cement, and from Slavonian oak to the most modern types of barrique. In this manner it is possible to manage the vinification and ageing of the different wines in their decisive phases of development. The prizes and recognition obtained at wine shows and contests, together with consideration given by authority publications on Italian wines, testify the distinguished quality of fine wines under the name of Scriani.

Vineyards Cottini family, which has held the trademark SCRIANI for generations, continues to hand down the art wine-farming and vinification from father to son, always respecting traditional methods, but not alien to innovation and improvement. The  territories  called  “Ronchiel” ,“Mandolari”,  “Bosco”, “Carpanè” “La costa”, and “Tondin” as well as other smaller lots (all facing the south-east) have vines which are between 9 and 40 years old, aligning the plants in traditional rows and applying the pergola trentina (single or double) cultivation circa 3,000-plant-per-hectar density. method, which permits a The management of the fields of grapevines is in harmony with the balance of nature, without stressing the use of irrigation or fertilization and main-taining the wooded areas bordering them: as a matter of fact, the production hardly ever exceeds 8000-9000 kg of grapes per hectare. Even the cultural procedures, which range from pruning the vines to the harvesting of the fruit, are carried out by hand, according to the concepts of the best and most founded wine-making tradition.

TWENTY EXPERIENCE Scriani winery is a little jewel in the heart of Valpolicella, a fertile land of flavors and traditions, designed by the rows of its renowned vineyards  and  anchored  to  the  undulating background of sweet hills. It is in fact located in the town of Fumane in the heart of Valpolicella Classica and the main vineyards are located on a beautiful hill called Monte S.Urbano to the east and La Costa to the west. It is a corner of generous nature, where for generations are sowed and harvested fruits of extraordinary quality, from terrace to terrace, from vineyard to vineyard with the care and passion that have always distinguished these people. It is precisely to celebrate this heritage, made of passion, dedication, tradition, and love for things well done that Twenty was born, a family jewel born on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Scriani company to unite the origins with the present.

It is a refined, rich blend, coming from the heart of the most authentic Valpolicella. An exclusive wine, produced in only 1700 bottles, to leave its mark. Its color is ruby and its taste is full-bodied, intriguing, and round. It is characterized by the scent of plum, notes of vanilla, and a warm and pleasant aftertaste reminiscent of cocoa. It is aged for ten years in oak casks and it is perfect to be matched with robust dishes such as roasts, game meat,  seasoned  cheese,  or red meat in general. It is also excellent as a meditation wine.

But Twenty is not only the fruit of the wise art of winemaking. Twenty is in fact born from paper, pen, and inkwell,  the tools used by our ancestors, the village scribes who gave shape to words by releasing on the paper the story of the people they met. Twenty is the fruit of the vine that transforms over time. It is  elegance, perfection, beauty enclosed in a flower that carries infinite messages. It is the beginning, from where  everything is born. A symbol  of  life, the beginning of something unique. It is the guardian of the thoughts, ideas, and secrets of the history of a family, of a company, and the  legacy  that  this  company and this family wish to transmit.

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