Versatility and efficiency the winning characteristics of X-OVEN

Versatility and efficiency the winning characteristics of X-OVEN

Mattia Chiesa – Corporate Chef of X-Oven offers a professional and practical point of view regarding use of the machines.

The vertical development of the chamber, combined with the possibility of using overlapping grill drawers give X-OVEN a unique flexibility in the charcoal oven arena. This fundamental characteristic of X-OVEN allows the chef to manage different cooking methods that require different temperatures and heat intensities without taking anything away from the typical grilled aroma of this style of cooking, but with the ability to enhance the flavour characteristics of even the most delicate foods, such as vegetables, tubers, fish, shellfish and other seafood.

The union of high temperature, closed chamber and infrared radiation emitted by the grill element ensures quick preparations, guaranteeing the flavour and optimum consistency of foods cooked in the X-OVEN.

The use of accessories designed for cooking in the X-Oven, such as trays and pans, offer further uses for the charcoal oven, both at the peak temperature as well as when the oven cools, utilising a decreasing heat curve that  is  effectively  maintained  within  the cooking chamber for several hours after activation.

The range of X-OVEN charcoal ovens differs by cooking chamber size, intensity of the heat generated within and by productivity. This allows the choice of different models appropriate for the specific restaurant offering, from modern fast food to classic steak house and even fine dining. The X-OVEN line offers a modern vision of the charcoal oven concept, featuring versatility and efficiency as its strong points.

The success of the line of X-Oven cooking instruments in kitchens of quality restaurants represents  a  departure  in  professional  grill cooking: the X-Oven revolution, in fact, has closed the book on old single front-hatch ovens and “opened the doors” to high level flexibility and creativity even in grilled dishes. The many chefs who have adopted this cooking instrument recognise its unique capacity to enhance authentic flavours, a key characteristic that facilitates the revisitation of a historic gastronomic  heritage  like  grill  cooking  with a contemporary approach.

X-Oven is positioned as a meeting point and link between tradition and future in professional kitchens, with great attention paid to user safety and charcoal consumption savings.

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