QueLLiDelNaso – Scent Marketing Experts

QueLLiDelNaso – Scent Marketing Experts

QueLLiDelNaso – Scent Marketing Experts since 1995

QueLLiDelNaso is a trademark of LL. Little and Large Solutions, a young and dynamic company, created to give concrete and effective answers to market demands, offering small and large solutions for corporate communication and bringing a contribution of expertise and innovation to every project.

Our scent division was born about twenty years ago, with the mission to use scents to attract the consumer, stimulating emotional processes, encouraging the customer’s wellness, increasing the lasting of permanence inside of a scented ambient and ensuring the propensity to buy and to spend more money because of the sense of well-being that perfumes can transmit to the brain.

We specialized ourselves in scent marketing and environmental perfuming and use to operate within fragrance marketing and scent communication, providing experience, and highly certified solutions.

Along the years of experience, we’ve been involved into a lot of different projects, perfuming hotels, bars, restaurants, spa, gyms, beauty-farms, shops, malls, exhibitions, events, clinics, offices, showrooms, houses, etc. We use to offer “turnkey” solutions, from the selection of the best fragrance for each specific commercial sector, to the supply and installation of professional scent diffusers for every kind of environments, even the biggest ones.

What can we offer you? A free consultation, made just for you by our professional team, to find the best solution to perfume your spaces and make them unique.

If you want to know more about scent communication and learn how to use perfumes to increase the perceived valor of your environments to your customers, send us an email at the following address: commerciale@quellidelnaso.it, one of our experts will contact you to understand and satisfy all your needs.

If you want to meet us personally, come and visit us at HOST fair from 20th to 24th of October in Milan Rho Exhibition Center, at hall 9, stand R16, a welcome tribute is waiting for you!

QueLLiDelNaso, the best way to scent your world.

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