U5, so young and yet so successful!

U5, so young and yet so successful!

Ucinque was born just six years ago but now it is a winning reality within the historic Industry of Cold in Casale Monferrato district.

Five specialists in professional refrigeration, after multi-year experiences in different business areas with leading companies, decided to set up a new company capable of meeting market needs fully, combining  innovation,  passion and the typically Italian design.

Since its early steps Ucinque has been offering products with a strong identity, clearly different from competitors’. A  few  examples: the VINTAGE  line with its retro charm; FROST, the classic ice cream display uprights, with  clean  and straight lines; GLAMOUR uprights characterised  by wide product visibility; the new-born KOBE classy upright specific for meat preservation and seasoning. All UCINQUE models can be sourced at competitive prices with the plus of a low environmental impact thanks to energy-saving components.

We provide cabinets with HC (natural) refrigerant  gases  only and the number of components obtained  from  recycled/recyclable plastics is growing more and more.

Ucinque has a modern plant of 50,000 square meters half of which covered in  Occimiano (Alessandria), where  around 120 committed people work with proud attachment to their tasks.

Even during this troublesome period of instability we have never stopped developing new products, with the firm belief that the market will restart soon and that it will need the volumes we were used to in the pre-Covid era. And we will be ready to react to each and every customer’s requirements, as done until now.


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