Value proposition MEDI: innovation, R&D, production capabilities

Value proposition MEDI: innovation, R&D, production capabilities

In a market that has undergone important changes, Medi proposes its new commercial vision: a ready meals product of quality and great taste, unmistakably made in Italy.

The company’s Research & Development department, facing the evolution of the market, has conceived certified quality dishes that can be used in the various stages of the meal.

As well as in the best Italian Restaurants, in particular, the brand new “Menù di Pesce” Medi collection gives the opportunity to be used alternatively as an appetizer, a condiment for pasta and risotto or as a main course.

Suitable for the study of portioning to the modern lifestyle, Gluten Free and Preservative Free, “Menù di Pesce” is an excellent solution also for greedy children and mothers demanding in terms of preparation and transparent recipe.

The standard package of the four references weighs 250 grams, and has been designed to simultaneously satisfy the needs of small families and young couples. Four flavors that multiply in twelve innovative and top quality dishes!

The Medi Group is now equipped with a high production capacity, such as to be able to serve the greater commercial value required today by HORECA and the large-scale retail trade, also by means of its various branded products available without any supply limits.

Attention at every stage of the production process and continuous innovation guarantee contemporary recipes and flavors with an eye always turned to tradition.

With dedication and rigor, the Medi team of expert tasters and chefs elaborates their own recipes every day, making them unique.

All the Medi lines are designed for the current market, characterized by the new vigor of small non-affiliated points of sale, specialized shops and fast food restaurants that require more and more original and well-made preparations.

It is precisely in this panorama that the innovative “Menù di Pesce” line and the entire Medi offer are positioned.

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