The new ERA – Sermeca SpA through the evolution and research

The new ERA – Sermeca SpA through the evolution and research

Sermeca SpA has been operating since 1962 in the  field  of  metal  constructions and envelope, becoming a protagonist in the design, construction, and customization of all those elements of particular architectural value that are the calling card of a building, curtain walls, ventilated and special constructions, reinterpreted according to the different needs of the client.

If in the past Sermeca SpA was able to consolidate its undisputed expertise by increasing its know-how, today, with the recent acquisition by Gruppo Bonofiglio SpA, which took over in January 2020, it is preparing to experience one of the most innovative and dynamic phases of its history.

As underlined by the new CEO Massimo Bonofiglio SpA, Sermeca SpA is facing a long period of important investments aimed at its growth, starting from the staff. “We have revolutionized the Mede plant – points out Bonofiglio SpA – increasing staff recruitment and investing in the purchase of new machinery, thus increasing internal production.

Sermeca’s current vision is linked to a very dynamic future, made of cutting-edge  technology,  materials  with  low environmental impact and highly motivated and trained  people”.  

Technology,  sustainability,  and best practices are the assets on which the new Sermeca SpA writes its future, going to decline innovation on several fronts and together with the new management of great experience and fore- sight, becomes undoubtedly added value.

In all the company’s processes, as reported by the general manager Marco Spinello, Sermeca SpA follows and respects the sustainability program to reduce the environmental impact with recycling policies and attention to waste. Sermeca SpA testifies its environmental effort through a voluntary certification program for a sustainable approach of the entire production chain, for energy and water-saving, reduction of CO2 emissions,  improvement of the green quality, and of the resources used.

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