The most modern among the classics, the most classic among the moderns

The most modern among the classics, the most classic among the moderns

c, with  great  attention to  all  those  details  that define  the  total  look  of  the  Smania  setting SMANIA, the most modern among the classics, the most classic among the modern.

This is a summary of the concept that emerges from the contemporary nature of the furniture designed and built by the historic Venetian company, leader in the luxury furniture sector. Smania is manufacturing passion, creative spirit and haute couture of furniture, capable of transforming each piece into a work of art and an icon of craftsmanship.

Since  1967,  the  distinctive  character  of  each designed  furniture,  the unquestionable know- how in the realization, the use of  high-quality materials, have led to the progressive affirmation of the company on an international level, giving life to a bold and absolute beauty, found in all his creations.

Smania’s  strong  design  identity  is  based  on customer’s    personal   satisfaction, which is displayed in an eclectic design capable of emphasizing  the  most  diverse  and  distinct personality traits. The wide range  of  options  offered  by  the INDOOR collection, through the choice of  each  material  –  wood  essences,  fabrics, leathers,  marbles, and  metals  –  in  fact,  allows the customization of Smania furniture and can satisfy each Customer taste.

In this sartorial flexibility lies the ability to access dexterously and skillfully also to the Contract sector, as well as to the nautical sector, of which Smania knows how to satisfy the specific requests, from  the  planning to the  realization phase.

The OUTDOOR collection, on the other hand, constitutes the other major pillar of the brand, with a product that is recognizable for its lines, contemporary and easily combined with both classic and modern contexts, and for the high quality and resistance of the materials used. Precisely  this obsessive  attention  to  furniture in all its aspects has led Smania to encourage collaboration over the years with several important designers who have always known how to give a significant creative contribution to   the collections.   

Just   think   of Giuseppe Viganò, who designed the NEST line, more a philosophy than a collection: based on an extremely dynamic vision  of  living,  it  explores the relationship between man and nature,  in  a  dreamy  interpretation of contemporary  living as an unpublished  osmotic  balance  between interior and exterior, which is expressed through an eclectic and fascinating  design,  perfectly  in line with the classic and modern taste of the brand.

Finally,  INDOOR  2020  news  –  also the result of the collaboration with designers such as Giuseppe Viganò and Massimo Iosa Ghini – find their focus in the desire to bring together stylistically different forms in a unicum, in a subtle but solid overall balance, giving  emphasis  on  aesthetic  rigor, details and materiality.

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