The Collection “CREAZIONI CARAIBA CCC” is born

The Collection “CREAZIONI CARAIBA CCC” is born

Fine chalices and glasses, of Italian design, made in  the  best  artisan  workshops  of  Europe  and with the most sophisticated technologies, signed by Cristina Franceschetti and Alessandro Guidi, founders of Caraiba.

Cristina Franceschetti and Alessandro Guidi made their love for beauty their mantra. Undisputed lords of the table, in 1993, they started by selecting very special handcrafted glasses to be offered to the best restaurants in the country and beyond, creating the Caraiba brand, which today represents the excellence of mise en place in Italy.

For years they have been setting trends in style and design for haute cuisine, Ho.Re.Ca. and hotellerie, and today, with almost thirty years of experience, they have decided to put their expertise and creativity at the service of a project that opens a new chapter in their professional history: the “Collection Creazioni Caraiba – CCC”, a brand of fine glasses that enhance the wine experience.

Three  mouth-blown lines, six machine-made, crystal chalices and tumblers, unique for their elegance, lightness, resistance, finishes, and balance. These products are the result of the highest and most sophisticated European technology, made by craftsmen and laboratories among the best in the world, which Cristina and Alessandro have selected with extreme care for the superior quality of products and in compliance with the criteria of a sustainable supply chain.

The design is exquisitely Italian, born from many years of comparison and trust built over time with wine experts, chefs, and sommeliers. With this new line, Caraiba expands the wide range of solutions proposed, always in constant evolution: besides the new collection, the brand also represents the most refined and elegant porcelain lines in the world, refined collections of cutlery and knives, and an accurate selection of table ware. Lines and products that can be touched in the showroom in Bologna, in Zola Predosa, a true temple of table design.

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