Contract project for Ceramiche Keope: the Hotel Amerikan in Livigno

Contract project for Ceramiche Keope: the Hotel Amerikan in Livigno

Ceramiche  Keope, a leading company in the production of porcelain floor and wall tiles, dresses with its collections the interiors of the Hotel  Amerikan  in  Livigno, a four-star hotel in the mountains of Valtellina, ideal for lovers of skiing, mountaineering and nature. For the renovation  of  the  large  wellness  area, the client chose the chromatic and material mix offered by the Evoke and Percorsi Extra porcelain tile series, which combine aesthetic excellence with high technical performance, fundamental characteristics especially in the contract sector.

These products guarantee reliability, strenght and inalterability over time, thanks to their high resistance to physical, chemical and mechanical stress. The two series alternate and mix along the Spa path, creating a pleasant stylistic balance that starts at the reception area, passing through the swimming pool and the whirlpool bathtub, and ending in the relaxation area, which houses the sauna and the Turkish bath. With the series Evoke, color  Sand, in the size 20×120 cm rectified and textured, and in the K2 version with a thickness of only 20 mm, size 30×120 cm a cosy and relaxed atmosphere has been created, thanks to its warm wood effect, while with Percorsi Extra  in  the  Pietra  di  Barge  finish, which faithfully reproduces the typical veining of the material, the spaces acquire an  elegant and  refined  style.

Every single detail has been carefully considered, thanks also to the numerous trims and accessories available, such as pool edges and curbs: Keope, in fact, always guarantees the maximum definition and integration of spaces, thus confirming itself as the ideal  partner  for architects and designers.

The Evoke and Percorsi   Extra collections, like all Ceramiche Keope proposals, are marked with the GreenThinking  logo,  symbol  of  the  company’s concrete commitment to nature, and the Made In Italy mark, a guarantee of values such as style, design, innovation and product quality, but above all respect for the environment and for people. Ceramiche Keope is an Italian ceramic company that is part of Gruppo Concorde which studies, designs and produces porcelain floor and wall tiles in Italy. Its story began in 1995 in Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia) and it has led the brand to be currently present with its products in more than 80 countries worldwide, with an annual production of over 5 million square metres.

The brand offers solutions with a sophisticated design and superior technical performance levels for both indoor and outdoor settings, retail, public and residential locations. Ceramiche Keope products do not emit organic compounds, are hypo-allergenic and are easy to clean. The quality and beauty obtained are the result of investments in technology and a strong commitment  to  develop a high-performance product range.

Also, porcelain tiles are immune to alterations and aggressions such as impacts, abrasions, fire, frost, moisture, weight, climate and preserve the colour and appearance of the first day over time. The Ceramiche Keope philosophy can be summed up in attention to detail, social responsibility, respect for the environment and for people, values that have always distinguished us, to bring the uniqueness of Made in Italy in the world. In the photos, Hotel Amerikan in Livigno, a four-star hotel in the mountains of Valtellina, which has chosen Ceramiche  Keope’s  high-quality  porcelain  tiles  to  renovate  its large wellness area. A material and chromatic mix that starts at the reception area, passing through the swimming pool and the whirlpool bathtub, and ending in the relaxation area, complete with sauna and Turkish bath. The protagonists of this intervention are the Evoke line in Sand colour – in the following versions: rectified and textured 20×120 cm and K2 with a thickness of only 20 mm, 30×120 cm – and the series Percorsi Extra Pietra di Barge.

The two collections combine aesthetic excellence and high technical performance, which are essential features especially in the contract sector. Photo credits: Luciano Busani.

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