Boero for the hospitality industry

Boero for the hospitality industry

Boero is a benchmark for colour professionals and offers the designers of hospitality venues the brand’s experience and specialist consultancy in this specific area. Hotels, restaurants, theatres and boutiques are spaces where the need is felt most for high standards of hygiene, which together with the level of hospitality are the main characteristics ensuring that guests always feel at their ease.

A case in point is Easy  Drink  and  Food, the cocktail bar recently refurbished at the Onda Service Centre in Capriate San Gervasio, near Bergamo, in partnership with paint supplier Centro del Colore di  Mariani  e  C and building firm Tyche  Building  Srl. For the venue’s interior walls, the product chosen was Boero MAGNUM  MURI OPACO, a water-based wall paint with excellent resistance to washing and wear and HACCP certification, ideal for decorating spaces requiring a high level of hygiene.

The MAGNUM MURI professional line is particularly recommended for company cafeterias, restaurants and spaces where food products are prepared and consumed. Highly versatile, it is easy to apply in all private and professional interior settings. It has excellent hiding power and a high level of adhesion to the various types of substrate. Providing outstanding coverage, it is highly resistant to temperature changes, humidity, cracking and yellowing, and is available in three refined finishes: gloss, satin and matt.

For the cocktail bar’s upper structural sections, it was decided instead to use AQUABEL ANTIMUFFA, a matt water-based paint with high breathability, formulated to prevent the proliferation of mould and fungi on treated surfaces. This product is recommended for areas affected by humidity and condensation, such as kitchens and bath- rooms. AQUABEL ANTIMUFFA has obtained EPD  environmental quality certification.

Both products are available in the entire range of colours provided by the Boero collections, including bold hues, offering the possibility of infinite combinations and useful insights for real-world interior design projects. For this type of hospitality space, Boero has designed a range  of  ten  colours: a palette of bold tones that convey a sense of warmth and time-honoured  elegance  revisited  through  a modern lens.

Boero also suggests the combinations of colours in the palette that work best together, to create synergy among all the features of a  space, from the walls and furnishings to the doors and windows.

In the case of Easy Drink and Food, traditional luxury  colours  dominate,  with  gold,  red  and various shades of grey used for the bar counter and reprised by various architectural features, as well as in the choice of furnishings. The end result is a welcoming and intimate space, with premium quality paint solutions that ensure hygiene and health. The bold colour contrasts also make a strong aesthetic statement.

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