The best wine-growing areas

The best wine-growing areas

La Source is an agricultural company founded in 2003 in the Aosta Valley from the experience and passion of a group of young wine experts, descendants  of  families  who  have  been  involved in agriculture for generations. Currently, the company is owned by the CeliCuc family and Stefano Celi is its soul. Born in 1971, he graduated as an agricultural expert at the Salesian Institute of Lombriasco.

After  working  in  other  sectors  and  being  a part-time  farmer  at  the  same  time,  in  2005 he  decided  to  become  a  full-time  agricultural worker and winemaker. He owns 7 hectares of vineyards, located in the best wine-growing areas of the Aosta Valley, that he grows with international vines (Syrah, Chardonnay, Gamay, Moscato, Traminer) and local vines (Arvine, Petit Rouge,  Fumin,  Premetta,  Cornalin and Vien de Nus). He carefully follows his vineyards and chooses the best agronomic techniques to have the best vineyards that fully express their potential.

The Company produces three types of white wines (Petite Arvine, Chardonnay,  Ensemblo),  five  red wines  (Cornalin,  Torrette,  Gamay, Torrette, Superiore, Syrah), a meditation wine (Vin du Paradis) and a Passito (“Charmant”).

His  wines  have  received  several awards in oenological competitions, also  thanks  to  the  experience  of the oenologist Mario Ronco who has been following him for many years  now,  encouraging  him  to grow and improve.

As the company strongly believes in   the   development   of   tourism linked to  the  wine  sector, this  year  it  has  opened  a shop and a seven-room bed & breakfast.

He is already in the process of   opening   a   restaurant that  will  offer  the possibility  to  taste  traditional  and not traditional dishes, made with  raw materials  mainly produced by  the Company  in  combination  with  its wines.

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