HO.RE.CA Breakfast

HO.RE.CA Breakfast

KREA-JUICE So much taste in a touch! Kreatek is  an  Italian  company  operating on the market for 10 years. It has a strong experience in the HO.RE. CA BREAKFAST sector, thanks to the collaboration with important companies in the sector.

From the deep knowledge of the needs of  its  customers, end-users  and the automatic vending machines technologies, Kreatek realised an innovative  solution,  100%  made in ITALY KIBO AND KEILA JUICE. Thanks to the new patented mixing  system,  this  cutting-edge dispenser can enrich any type of fruit juice with a high juice con- centration while dispensing. KIBO AND KEILA JUICE is the result of in-depth research of high-quality components combined with advanced technology in the management dilution  and  dispensing of liquids. It can dispense Cold and Sparkling Water

It can dispense bag-in box concentrates of 4 or 7 kg Refrigeration system It  can  dispense  with  a  19”  Touch-screen or button Filtration and CO2 system Single Dispenser for each bag-in- box 2L min Voltage – V/Hz V220 – 50Hz 4 bag-in-box of 4 litres or 3 bag-in- box of 7 litres with a separate dispensing system for each concentrate.

INNOVATION, QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY A  high  standard  of  dispensing drinks  for  simple  and  comfortable  user experience,  ideal  for hotels, restaurants and canteens. Fruit concentrates: the bag-in- boxes (4 of 4 kg or 3 of 7 kg) are placed directly in the machine, under  the  quick  opening  lid, and can be easily connected; High-quality products  to maximize the efficiency of the service and reduce costs; Automatic cleaning system for less commitment to the dining room staff; Programmable mixing; Simplified installation;

At the end of the service, it is possible to maintain cooling by interrupting the supply of drinks; Preparation for connection to water mains or special tank; Interchangeable product labels; On  request:  Control  software for statistics and remote interventions;

MAXIMUM SIMPLICITY OF USE With  a  simple  “touch”  you  can choose the desired drink: Water, Sparkling water or one of the 4 Juices available, all cold, immediately obtaining  a  dispensing  without splashes, residues and waste.


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